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Somerset Business Awards 2024 Celebrating Excellence and Innovation in the Heart of England

Somerset Business Awards 2024 Celebrating Excellence and Innovation in the Heart of England

In the picturesque county of Somerset, anticipation is building as the deadline approaches for the Somerset Business Awards 2024. This highly anticipated annual event, organized by the Somerset Chamber of Commerce, serves as a beacon for businesses, charities, and organizations seeking recognition for their outstanding achievements and innovative endeavors. With the entry deadline set for midday on Friday, November 24, the business community is gearing up for a celebration of excellence.

New Categories Redefining Success

One of the highlights of this year’s awards is the introduction of the Business Resilience and Growth Award. This category is designed to honor businesses that have not only weathered the storm of rising operational costs but have also demonstrated an impressive ability to reinvent their offerings, showcasing resilience and adaptability in a rapidly evolving market. Alongside this, a revamped Manufacturing and Engineering Award adds a new layer of competition, emphasizing the significance of technological advancements and sustainability in today’s business landscape.

Categories and Esteemed Sponsors

The Somerset Business Awards encompass a wide array of categories, catering to businesses of all sizes and sectors. These include the Small Business of the Year (sponsored by Gather Technology Ltd), Medium Business of the Year (sponsored by Higos Insurance Services), and Large Business of the Year (sponsored by Stephens Scown). The Albert Goodman Family Business of the Year Award recognizes the unique contributions of family-owned enterprises, while the Best Use of Digital Technology Award (sponsored by Teapot Creative) highlights the growing importance of digital innovation in modern business strategies.

Charitable contributions are not overlooked, with the Charity of the Year Award (sponsored by Clarke Willmott) shining a spotlight on organizations making a positive impact in the community. The Employer of the Year Award, sponsored by Blossom HR, acknowledges businesses fostering a positive workplace culture. The Investing in Somerset Award, sponsored by Hinkley Point C, recognizes contributions that go beyond business, emphasizing the importance of community development.

In addition to these, there are awards for Start-up of the Year (sponsored by Westcotts), Apprentice of the Year (sponsored by Weston College), Environmental and Sustainability Award (sponsored by Gravity), and Service Excellence Award (sponsored by Porter Dodson). The Somerset Manufacturing and Engineering Award, sponsored by Leonardo UK, recognizes the pioneers in these fields.

Entry Details

The entry process is straightforward and inclusive. Businesses of all sizes are encouraged to participate, and there is no requirement to be a member of the Chamber to enter. The submission deadline is at noon on Friday, November 24. Interested parties can submit their entries through the official Somerset Business Awards website at .

Celebrating 19 Years of Excellence Now in its 19th year, the Somerset Business Awards have become a symbol of prestige, celebrating the diversity and success of businesses in the region. From the humble beginnings of small start-ups to the industry giants and pioneering apprentices, the awards have consistently highlighted the exceptional contributions of Somerset’s business community.

The Gala Final: A Night to Remember: The journey doesn’t end with the submission of entries. The awards culminate in a grand gala final scheduled for March 22 next year. This event promises an unforgettable night of recognition, networking, and celebration, bringing together the best and brightest from Somerset’s business landscape.

Albert Goodman: A Continuing Legacy of Support: In its 14th year as the main sponsor, leading accountancy firm Albert Goodman continues to play a pivotal role in supporting and recognizing the achievements of Somerset’s businesses. Their commitment reflects not only a dedication to business excellence but also a belief in the potential of the local community.

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Participating in the Somerset Business Awards isn’t just about winning a trophy; it’s about gaining well-deserved recognition, boosting morale within your organization, and ultimately enhancing your business profile. As the deadline draws near, businesses are encouraged to seize the opportunity to showcase their achievements and be part of Somerset’s vibrant and thriving business community. Whether you’re a small start-up with big dreams or a well-established industry leader, the Somerset Business Awards provide a platform to celebrate and be celebrated. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this legacy of success. Enter now and let your business shine in the heart of England.

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