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Tech Revolution Unleashed, Samsung’s XR Headset, Smart Glasses, and Generative AI

Galaxy Unpacked 2024 Anticipating Samsung’s XR Headset & other appliances

Samsung has recently made waves in the tech world by securing a trademark for its upcoming smart glasses, signaling a significant step into the realms of augmented and virtual reality. As of November 24th, 2023, the trademark, cleverly named “Samsung Glasses,” unveils the tech giant’s ambitious journey into the development of innovative wearable devices.

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Earlier this year, Samsung tantalized tech enthusiasts with hints of an XR (Mixed Reality) “experience” in collaboration with Google and Qualcomm. Although rumors abound regarding the nature of this experience, speculations lean towards an XR headset, drawing comparisons to the Apple Vision Pro. However, concrete details about the launch are scarce, with some rumors suggesting a potential release in limited quantities by late 2024.

Yet, the story doesn’t end with XR headsets. Samsung seems to be venturing into the world of smart glasses as well. The South Korean company is speculated to be working on smart glasses reminiscent of Meta Smart Glass and Google Glass. To solidify this venture, Samsung has officially registered the trademark for “Samsung Glasses.” The application, filed on August 21, 2023, with the Intellectual Property Office of the UK government, was approved on November 10, 2023. The documentation for the trademark encompasses a wide array of product categories, including augmented reality headsets, headphones, smartphones, smart glasses, and virtual reality headsets.

Among the diverse product categories, the most fitting ones seem to be AR headsets, smart glasses, and VR headsets. Reports suggest that Samsung is actively developing a mixed-reality headset boasting a Qualcomm processor and powered by Google’s Android-based operating system. Interestingly, the original design was altered after the company took a closer look at the Apple Vision Pro, prompting Samsung to pivot towards a more sophisticated device, potentially priced around $2,000, positioning itself as a strong contender against the Apple offering, priced at $3,499.

Qualcomm’s recent announcement about an enhanced XR chip adds an extra layer of excitement to Samsung’s upcoming device. Furthermore, the potential use of a high-refresh-rate MicroOLED screen from eMagin, a company recently acquired by Samsung Display, promises a visual experience that aligns with the cutting edge of technology.

In a parallel narrative, Samsung divulged earlier in the year about its collaboration with Google and Qualcomm to bring forth an XR (Mixed Reality) device, positioning itself as a direct competitor to the Apple Vision Pro headset. Although the launch timeframe for Samsung’s XR headset remains undisclosed, speculations suggest a possible unveiling alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 6.

According to a report from South Korean publication JoongAng, the anticipated announcement of Samsung’s XR headset is slated for the second half of 2024, aligning with the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and the Galaxy Z Fold 6. A subsequent launch could occur in December 2024, with the first XR headset from Samsung carrying the codename ‘Infinite.’ Notably, initial production is set to be limited to 30,000 units, a strategy reminiscent of Samsung’s approach with its first-generation Galaxy Fold phone.

Collaborations with Google and Qualcomm extend beyond the development phase. Samsung Display and Samsung Electronics have reportedly signed a display technology agreement specifically for the XR headset. Samsung Electronics, during its Q3 2023 earnings call, affirmed its commitment to strengthening research and development in XR, digital health, and digital payments segments.

The success of Samsung’s XR headset hinges on several factors, with the quality, visuals, interface, and most importantly, the availability of content playing pivotal roles. The XR headset market is poised for substantial growth, projected to reach $151 billion by 2026, attracting major players eager to claim their share.

Professor Kim Sang-gyun of Kyung Hee University underscores the critical role of content in the success of XR devices, drawing parallels with the smartphone era where platform and content distribution were paramount. In the XR segment, he asserts, “Increasing software and media competitiveness will be key” to success.

In tandem with its exploration of XR and smart glasses, Samsung unveiled its own Generative AI model named Samsung Gauss at the Samsung AI Forum 2023. Developed by Samsung Research, Samsung Gauss comprises Language, Code, and Image models. While currently an internal tool, the company intends to make Samsung Gauss available to the public through upcoming products. Expectations run high for features based on these Generative AI models to debut on the Galaxy S24 series in January 2024.

Samsung Gauss Language, specialized in understanding human language and generating answers, holds the promise of enhancing productivity across various tasks. Samsung Gauss Code, designed for code languages, features a code assistant called ‘code.i,’ aimed at facilitating software development. Lastly, Samsung Gauss Image simplifies image creation and editing, offering a range of capabilities from style alteration to generating entirely new images through text descriptions.

Ensuring privacy and data security, all Generative AI models from Samsung can run in on-device mode. Samsung has instituted an AI Red Team dedicated to upholding ethical standards, conducting internal checks on privacy and security throughout the AI development stages.

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Shifting gears to a different collaboration, the popular accessory brand PopSockets has integrated generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) into its Customizer service. This allows users to describe their desired design in text format, with GenAI generating relevant images. The updated AI Customizer, as reported by The Verge, offers users novel ways to customize their mobile accessories, heralding a new era of personalized tech gear.

In essence, Samsung’s recent endeavors paint a picture of a company pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. From the exploration of smart glasses and XR headsets to the development of a cutting-edge Generative AI model, Samsung positions itself at the forefront of a transformative era. As we anticipate further revelations, the tech landscape is undoubtedly in for an exciting revolution, courtesy of Samsung’s pioneering efforts

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