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Narges, the Nobel Winner, Sneaks Message Out of Her Cell

Narges, the Nobel Winner, Sneaks Message Out of Her Cell

Narges Mohammadi, brave activists for women’s rights and Nobel Peace Prize winner, has been able to send a message that will never change from her prison cell in Tehran. “Victory is not easy, but it is certain,” she said in a message sent from jail that was barely known to anyone until it was made public.

A Heartfelt Appreciation for the Nobel Committee:

Narges Mohammadi, an activist and famous journalist who is 51 years old, sent a secret message to thank the Norwegian Nobel committee very much. Her unwavering dedication to working for the rights of women in Iran earned her the Nobel Peace Prize earlier in October. But the honor hasn’t stopped her from speaking out strongly about the controversial problem of women in Iran having to wear headscarves, which has been at the center of her advocacy for a long time.

The Ongoing Battle Against the Compulsory Hijab:

Narges Mohammadi was very angry about the rule in Iran that women had to cover their heads. She made it clear that the hijab requirement is not just a matter of personal choice, but also a way for the strict religious government to control and oppress women. Through the words of her 17-year-old daughter, who now lives in France with her family, she claimed that these kinds of restrictions are necessary for the regime to stay in power.

A Regime Built on Deception and Repression:

Mohammadi also didn’t hesitate to say bad things about the Iranian government. She brought up the point that for the past 45 years, the regime has made poverty and lack of resources norms. It is her opinion that this government was established through lies, trickery, cunning, and fear, all of which have made things worse for the Iranian people.

Narges Mohammadi’s Remarkable Resilience:

People have been persecuting Narges Mohammadi all his life. She has been arrested an unbelievable 13 times, given five different sentences totaling 31 years in prison, and been severely punished by being flogged 154 times. Even with these problems, she is still fully committed to the cause. Even though she is currently in jail since 2021, that hasn’t stopped her from being a leading figure in Iran’s “Woman, Life, Freedom” cause.

The “Woman, Life, Freedom” Movement:

Over the years, this strong force has grown stronger. Women have bravely taken off their headscarves, cut their hair, and gone out into the streets to protest the strict Islamic dress code that the Iranian government makes them follow. Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian Kurdish woman who was arrested in Tehran for not following the dress code, died tragically. This event sparked the movement. Women in Iran were outraged by her death and resolved to fight for their rights and freedoms as a group.

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A Peaceful Struggle for Change:

Even though things are hard, Narges Mohammadi and many others like her are still working to get rid of Iran’s religious dictatorship. Their way is marked by unity, the strength of nonviolence, and a firm determination to make things better. They think that this will bring back Iran’s honor and pride while also protecting the people’s human rights and honor.


The message Narges Mohammadi sent from her prison cell shows unwavering drive and a search for justice. The world takes notice of her fight for women’s freedom and rights in Iran. The “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement shows how people can work together to fight unjust governments.

It’s clear that her message, which is a plea for a better world, goes beyond countries as we hear her call for democracy, freedom, and human rights. Narges Mohammadi’s bravery makes us want to keep working for good change even when it seems impossible. She often said, “Victory is not easy, but it is certain.” This phrase rings true in hard times.

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