Declan McMahon: Wrestling’s Next Generation of McMahons

"Declan McMahon: Wrestling's Next Generation of McMahons"

The McMahon family name is synonymous with WWE’s rich history and legacy, and it seems that the wrestling dynasty may have a new addition on the horizon. Declan McMahon, the son of Shane McMahon, has already made appearances in the WWE world and is contemplating a future inside the squared circle.

Declan McMahon in the Making

Declan’s connection to WWE became evident when he accompanied his father, Shane McMahon, to the ring for a match at WrestleMania 32. Not only did he make a memorable appearance at the grandest stage of them all, but he was also spotted in the front row at WWE Fastlane, further solidifying his connection to the world of professional wrestling.

However, Declan isn’t just content with being a spectator. In a recent interview on Developmentally Speaking, he revealed his thoughts on stepping into the ring or working backstage in WWE.

“I think there’s obviously, thanking the lord above,” Declan said. “But there’s always a time and a place for everything. I think God has a time and place for everything. However, with that being said, I think I would probably give wrestling a try.”

A Triple Threat Dream

For Declan McMahon, the dream scenario involves a triple threat match featuring himself and his two brothers. The match he envisions would be no ordinary contest; it would be a Hell in a Cell match filled with high-risk moves and unforgettable moments.

“In playing football and in watching what goes on behind the scenes with WWE, you really get to see how it becomes almost like you’re writing a story, like you’re projecting a movie,” Declan explained. “I think in a way that you’re almost conducting an orchestra in the sense that there are so many moving parts. It’s almost like solving a puzzle. I think that would also be really, really cool.”

Committed to the Future

While Declan McMahon WWE aspirations are clear, he is also committed to his football career and pursuing a college degree in the coming years. He recognizes the physical demands and training required for professional wrestling, and he’s willing to put in the work.

“I’m gonna get my college degree in a couple years. So I’m kind of just letting that pass, and then we’ll see. Got a lot more workouts and got to take a couple more bumps before I could get in there, but I think I would definitely give it a try.”

The Rightful Heir?

Declan’s confidence in his potential WWE career is evident. He believes he’s the rightful heir to the McMahon legacy, citing his resemblance to Vince McMahon and the storyline possibilities that could arise.

“Probably me. I mean, the story’s already written, right? The rightful heir, the good-looking, the one who looks like Vince, right? So, I think, in the sense that you could play off the WrestleMania 20, like I posted on Twitter. You could play that off and just show that the new generation McMahon has arrived.”

Declan acknowledges the supportive nature of his family and the wrestling ambitions of other family members, including Aurora, Triple H’s oldest daughter. In the end, he playfully asserts, “But in having my dad and my grandpa’s ego, I think I’d be the best.”

The Future Awaits

As Declan McMahon continues to make a name for himself in the world of sports and entertainment, WWE fans and the McMahon family alike are eagerly watching to see if he will be the next to carry the torch in the squared circle. With a unique blend of family pride, determination, and the potential for unforgettable moments in the ring, Declan’s journey in the world of WWE is a story that promises excitement and anticipation for the future.

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