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100 Years Ago- November 30, 2017 Edition

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At a recent meeting of the Board of Education, they decided to add to the teaching force of the High School. This will allow some of the larger classes to be divided and it will also permit the addition of a Commercial Department. The Commercial courses offered will be equal to those given by the leading High Schools and business colleges of the State and pupils completing the regular course will be prepared to take the Civil Service examinations. The classes in this department will begin Monday, September 17, 1917, providing enough enroll for this work to warrant the expense, but as there are many calls for people with business training the enrollment will undoubtedly be large.

Ruth Foster leaves today for Notre Dame University where she will attend school.

Norman Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, fell at the school grounds Monday and broke his arm. Dr. McColgan reduced the fracture.

Lieut. A.A. Corwin, known to many in this vicinity, has been promoted to command a torpedo boat destroyer in the fleet which patrols European waters in their hunt for German submarines.

Francisco Village-Mrs. Musetta Kalmbach, who was visiting relatives in Detroit, was called home Monday by the accidental death of her brother, Mr. Foster of Chelsea, who was thrown from his motorcycle sustaining injuries from which he died.

Trist-Genevieve Lutz, Iva Bockman, Evylyn Hoffman and Joe Weinhold spent Friday afternoon with Nora Lantis. Mr. and Mrs. George Artz and son, Mrs. Fred Moeckel and Mr. Albert Moeckel and son Muriel called on Mr. and Mrs. Penrose Weinhold and family Sunday. Royal Lantis called on Louis Wahl Sunday.

Ed Meyers has enlisted in the ambulance corps of the U.S. service and is ordered to report to Columbus, Ohio.

Bert Dowling has gone to work at the M.C. Junction and Mr. H. Butterfield has taken his place as flagman at the crossing in Grass Lake.

Lloyd Reimenschneter and Elmer Maute were thrown out of a buggy and considerably bruised Sunday afternoon. The accident resulted from their horse running away.

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Linda Lockwood Hutchinson

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