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In the Spotlight: Something to Crow About, LLC

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Antiques and More

Something to Crow About, Antiques and More, is a priceless vault that possesses the bearing of an Amish kiosk at Grass Lake’s Business Center.  The proprietor is Mrs. Ryan George who, with the support of her husband Shawn, a journeyman electrician, her four children, and other family members and friends, has hung her shingle in the suite that once housed Infinite Potential Chiropractor.  A team of loved ones has helped Mrs. George launch her new venture.  Much of the inventory comes from Ypsilanti and Nebraska, with items from Pennsylvania and Amish and Shaker artifacts.

A fireplace is set up, goldfish swim beneath a waterfall, and when you look up there are wooden ladders displaying antique baskets.  The shop smells like modern history but though items on the shelves are old they are anything but in the way.

Mrs. George said she wanted to name the store with something with the prefix of “copper” but quickly changed her mind.  “Nope,” she said in a recent interview.  “The Copper Nail, Coppernoll—too confusing.”

The Grass Lake Times: Can you give a rundown of how your shop was conceived?  How long have you been working on its opening?

Mrs. George: I decided to rent the space in June.  My mother has been an antique dealer for more than 30 years, a collector her whole life.  My maternal grandmother was also an antique dealer and had a shop in Nebraska.  The last couple of years I’ve kicked around the idea of starting another shop with the inventory my mother had left from her shop.

GLT: Where does your inventory come up and how do you select items to be showcased on the shelves?

Mrs. George: I do the purchasing for the newer items.  The toffee (its aroma fills the shop) is from R’ Candys in Bellevue, Mi, and the soaps are from Finding the Trail out of Jackson.  Along with my mom’s inventory, a good friend of hers, Brenda Painter, has many of her pieces here as well.  Brenda has been an avid dealer/collector for about 30 years.  Brenda will be opening her own shop in Ypsilanti in the future.  Until then she will have items here to sell.

GLT: You mentioned that your mother is an antique dealer in California.  Is that where you come from?

Mrs. George: Yes, I was born in California, but my mom had an antique shop in Dexter and in Nebraska.

GLT: Apart from Social Media—and hopefully the Grass Lake Times—how do you plan to market your inventory and advertise your shop?

Mrs. George: I will have info at the surrounding antique malls in Michigan and Ohio, and advertise in the Antique Trader.    (A top trade magazine that specializes in antiques, sites, and auction houses throughout the country.)

GLT: Any certain type of clientele in this area to market and sell your items?

Mrs. George: The antiques are something that is specific to clientele, but I’m hoping we can service our local residents with the gift items.

GLT: How is your family going to be involved in your new venture?

Mrs. George: My mom will be helping me when needed, mostly the later hours when the kids are out of school.  You’ll also find the kids here “helping” on the weekends when my husband is out of town.

Something to Crow About, LLC has opened its doors at the Grass Lake Business Center at 131 N. Lake Street, Suite 6.  517-522-5956.

Hours posted are:

Sunday 12-5

Closed Monday & Tuesday

Wednesday-Friday 11-6

Saturday 12-5

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