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GL Fire Department Funding Renewal Up for Critical Vote in Tuesday’s Election

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Grass Lake residents go to the polls Tuesday, May 2nd to vote on 3 millage requests. The Grass Lake Charter Township Fire Protection Millage Renewal is one of those requests.

The millage renewal, required every 5 years, is a renewal of the current millage rate. This millage provides 100% of the funding for the Grass Lake Fire Department.

“It’s something that’s been renewed every 5 years. The same amount has been renewed for quite a while,” Greg Jones, Fire Chief said.

The renewal amount, the same as the current  is 1.2294, or $1.2294 per $1,000 of taxable value. That equates to $92.20 for a home with a taxable value of $75,000.

The Grass Lake fire department is staffed by volunteer, paid on call firefighters. That means that there are no full-time firefighters, nor is the station staffed at anytime. When a call comes in, the firefighters leave their work, their family event, farm or whatever they are doing to respond to the call. All available firefighters respond to the station where they then respond to the call. The firefighters are paid for the time they are out on a call, an hourly rate of $15 per hour.

Fire vehicles are kept for 21 years before being replaced. By maintaining the vehicles, station and certifications, the department is able to keep an excellent ISO Rating, helping insurance rates for homeowners stay low.

Make sure and get out an vote to support this important renewal.

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