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In the Spotlight: The Computer Source

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Everyone has computer glitches from time to time. Some more than others.  Who you gonna call?

How about The Computer Source, owned and operated by Loveesh Thatai, the only game in town when it comes to computer building, sales and service. Born in India, Thatai studied in the United Kingdom and brought his expertise across the Pond to the United States of America and hung his shingle in Grass Lake.

Recently The Computer Source moved from its headquarters from  near Ryan’s Restaurant to 113 E. Michigan Avenue in the heart of the Village.

The Computer Source, a small business that also installs surveillance cameras for those who wish to protect their homes, caters to residents with house calls when needed.  “I learn something everyday,” says Thatai, who estimates that he puts in 65-hours a week tinkering on that which makes the world go ‘round.

“To me, it’s not really work because I love what I do,” he says.  Regarding inventory Thatai dabbles with many brands, including High Definition televisions, which are all over his slender shop lodged between the storefronts of Comerica Bank and The Copper Nail.

“Everyone wants laptops, he says, custom-built laptops. People like to pick and choose what they want. It’s more personal.”

He sits behind his desk with a blue-tooth ear-piece to take calls from those in great need to restore or create designer computers. Technology has come a long way, he says.

“Much faster, more user friendly.”

Apple Computers, he says tend to be more expensive while PCs tend to be more popular because they have greater capability and tablets fly off the shelves of his spartan shop with rows of new products and a water cooler behind his desk.

“People are more into smart phones,” he says.  Imagine: a supercomputer in the palm of your hand.

“Computers are always going to be relevant,” he says.  They’re getting smaller and smaller.  We build desktops smaller than a phone book.”

A phone book?  What’s that?

Nowadays computers are affordable, just check out the Sunday circulars and you can find a laptop for less than $200.

“I like to build quality products,” Thatai says.  I want to build something that I can stand behind.  And I’m the only game in town.  I love being in Grass Lake, a very welcoming community.”

For all your computer needs contact The Computer Source at 517-522-4445. or email the Computer Source at  Hours are from M-F 10-6, Sat 10-2 pm.  After hours resources are available by appointment.

Check out their website at  The Computer Source is located at 113 E. Michigan Avenue and is available for service in Chelsea, Brooklyn, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Dexter, Lansing, Albion, and Dexter.

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