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Downtown Grass Lake Fairy Doors Bringing Delight to Kids of All Ages

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“Big People” housing is not the only growth occurring in Grass Lake. During the past couple of months, numerous Fairy Doors have been found throughout downtown Grass Lake.

The lore behind the doors claims that they are portals to a fairy world, and that the doors arrive and disappear by surprise. Many fairy doors are to be found in woods and parks in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Urban Fairies, like those found in Grass Lake first appeared in Ann Arbor in the baseboards of the home of Jonathan and Kathleen Wright in 1993. In April of 2005 the first public fairy door was seen on the exterior of Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea.

Grass Lake’s fairy doors can be traced back to Bethany Stone, owner of The Painted Owl in Grass Lake. “I was looking for inexpensive ways to promote my new business.” She had seen the fairy doors in Ann Arbor, Dexter and Chelsea and thought it would be a “cute idea to get kids out and about walking through Grass Lake searching for them (fairy doors).” Designs by Judy donated 6 doors towards the project and Stone ordered 4 more. There are currently 10 doors scattered throughout downtown Grass Lake between the Grass Lake Co-Op and the Painted Owl.

Designs by Judy sells all the supplies needed to create your own fairy garden or forest in your home, garden or yard. A recent Saturday morning brought 45 children to the Roaming Goat for a fairy building event hosted by The Painted Owl. Kids were provided with their own doors that they could paint, decorate, glitter and personalize for their own fairy door.

Tuesday afternoon, Sawyer Frost (age 2) was walking along the sidewalks of downtown beside her mom and little brother with a fistful of pennies. She would stop at the fairy doors, leave a penny and make a wish. Her mom, Trish, explained that the tokens were left for the fairies in the hope they would grant the wish. Sawyer’s wish at the fairy door outside of Comerica Bank was that her dad would have a good day at work. Bethany Stone explained later that kids, or adults, can leave a trinket such as a button, marble, coin or gem for the fairies while making a wish. “A resident along N Lake St who has a Fairy Forest left tiny bottles of fairy dust at the different doors” she added.

Stone said she was hoping to get people “to enjoy art as much as I do”. She was “thrilled” to hear that the Grass Lake fairy doors were becoming so popular.

As the weather warms up, take a stroll throughout downtown Grass Lake. Bring some trinkets and make your wishes. Children who find all 10 fairy doors can bring their map in to the The Roaming Goat Coffee Shop for a FREE fairy drink. See The Painted Owl or Roaming Goat Facebook pages for more detail.

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