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Sheriff’s Department Report- January 2017

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The Jackson County Office of the Sheriff presented their monthly report to the Village of Grass Lake and the Grass Lake Charter Township at their respective meetings.

Deputy DeLand said “Its been a quiet month. Winter is always quieter because of the cold.”

Deputy DeLand reported patrolling 1,152 miles during the month of January. These numbers only include miles and incidents by Deputy DeLand, it does not include miles patrolled by other deputies or the State Police.

The Village and the Township share a contract with the Sheriff’s Department for a full-time deputy in Grass Lake.

Month/Year to Date (2017)

Complaints Dispatched: 10/10

Incident Reports: 7/7

Arrests: 0/0

Appearance Citations: 0/0

Ordinance Complaints: 0/0

Traffic Citations: 2/2

Verbal Warnings: 10/10

Liquor Inspections: 1/1

Motorist Assists: 2/2

Vehicles Investigated: 20/20

Persons Investigated: 35/35

Assists Other Departments: 2/2

Property Inspections: 35/35

Process Service: 0/0

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