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Grass Lake Fire Department Puts Ice Training to Good Use

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Fire Chief Greg Jones presented the Township Board with his monthly report for January 2017 at the Grass Lake Charter Township Meeting.

The Fire Department completed Ice Water Rescue Training in mid-January on Grass Lake. Two calls in January made good use of that training on two different occasions. The Fire Department was able to rescue two dogs in two separate instances on two different bodies of water this past month.

Chief Jones said he could not recall ever rescuing a dog before, however they had to do that twice within a 12 hour period in January.

The first incident took place on a private pond off Saude Ln. The dog walked out on the pond and fell through the ice. Donning the ice water rescue suits, the firefighters were able to get close enough on the ice and then wade out to the dog through the ice cold water.

In a similar situation about 12 hours later, firefighters were called to Grass Lake for a dog that had gotten away from its owner, ran out onto the lake and fell through the ice. The dog was struggling to stay afloat and had gone under twice before the firefighters were able to rescue it. Jones said that the dog was going under for the 3rd and likely last time when firefighter Brent Jones was able to reach under the water and rescue it. These rescues require ropes, life preservers and teamwork within the whole crew.

The suits used are the same as the Coast Guard utilizes and keeps the firefighters dry and safe from drowning. Without the suits and training, these types of rescues would not be possible.

Chiefs report:

Medical Calls: 20/20

Structure Fires: 0/0

Vehicle Accidents: 0/0

Fire Alarms: 1/1

Vehicle Fires: 0/0

Gas Leaks/Fuel Spills: 0/0

Open Burning: 0/0

Total of 21 calls within Grass Lake Charter Township

The average response time for all calls was 8.89 minutes (this includes automatic aid and mutual aid response times) and the average miles from the fire station was 3.8 miles.

Calls by Shift:

1st shift: 15

2nd shift: 6

3rd shift: 4

4 Automatic Aid was provided to Napoleon Township.

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