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Teacher Feature- Mrs. (Amy) Janz

Amy Janz
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Amy Janz teaches English, Developmental Writing, and Speech classes at Grass Lake High School. She has been teaching at Grass Lake for five years now and has definitely made it her passion.

Amy graduated high school in Mason, Michigan. She went on to earn degrees at Lansing Community College, Central Michigan University, and Eastern Michigan University. She was a coach and teacher at  Albion High School before coming to Grass Lake.

I asked her what great things she does in her job and she very thoughtfully replied, “After coaching the forensics team at Albion High school for 11 years, I knew that, that was the one thing I would miss the most when I moved to Grass Lake.  It has been an interesting road beginning a forensics program here, but the program has really begun to catch on.  For the first four years, the team hovered right around 3 – 4 students with growing success each year.  This year’s team has ballooned to approximately 25 students.  The team has already earned two team trophies and almost every student has placed in the top five of their individual events.  The energy and excitement I see in them is both encouraging and wonderful to watch.”

Mrs. Janz always has a smile and a quick step in her walk. She is happy and enjoys her work. She says, “One of my biggest passions is teaching literature to high school students.  I think that love shines through to my students when they tell me often, “you act like these characters are real people.”  They laugh when I tell them that they are to me.  Literature is such a great way to encourage students to think and analyze and experience different aspects of the human experience.  I love the works that I teach as they are diverse and more often than not students can find at least one that they can say, “wow, I really liked that one.”  I am always pleased when students can find a personal connection to a piece of literature.  Most students realize pretty quickly that they are going to have to step up their game and really work in my classes, and most do. They also realize that I am there for them if they are struggling and appreciate how I structure my classes.  That structure gives them plenty of opportunity to ask for assistance and extra support. “

Mrs. Janz is married and has four children-three boys and one girl. Her children’s ages span from 14 years old down to 3 years old. This is probably the reason she is always smiling.

Today’s Teacher Feature is the part of a new series of columns featuring the local teachers at Grass Lake Community Schools. We hope to help the community to become more familiar with the teachers and administrators of the Grass Lake Community Schools.

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