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New Business Highlight- Infinite Chiropractic

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Grass Lake Village is now a two-chiropractic clinic town.

Infinite Potential Chiropractic on N. Lake Street is now open for appointments.  Owner Kathleen Kenny, D.C. says she opened her new clinic last September and has a “flow of regulars” that she treats weekly.

Technically Kenny competes with Grass Lake Chiropractic Center on E. Michigan Avenue but she doesn’t see it as competition.  Rather, she says, it’s an opportunity to help more people with physical maladies that only a licensed chiropractor can treat.  “There’s always a need, always room for more,” she says.

Prior to opening her business in Grass Lake she worked as an associate at Ledges Chiropractic Center in Grand Ledge.  A graduate of Life University in Marietta, Ga., she learned to look at the body as a whole system.  “When there’s a problem there’s something that overcomes the body, an impact on the nervous system.  I want to make sure the body is functioning properly, that the brain is communicating with the rest of the body, a loop of communication.”

Many chiropractors use hands-on spinal manipulation and alternative treatments to align the body’s musculoskeletal structure, particularly the spine, to enable the body to heal itself, preferably without surgery or medication.    

It took some time to connect with Kenny (see related article) but when it happened it was worth the wait.        

My first, last, and only marathon, in 2009, inflicted substantial damage on my lower body, requiring lower back surgery and a hip replacement age 43.  Many an oldster chided me, telling me that I was too young to have hip surgery.  My invariable reply was “it’s not the years, it’s the mileage.”     

The first symptom was sciatica, nerve slippage that makes you feel like you’re skating on one roller-skate. Devil, sciatica, that painful tingling radiating down the back of the leg, asymptomatic of bone spurs, muscle strain or a herniated disc.  Gaining 30 pounds after I quit running didn’t help.

Kenny has an ambitious outlook for her new venture.  Currently she sees patients regularly but her goal is to treat 50 patients per day in her 900-square-foot office.  Tidy rooms with privacy walls crafted from hard cherry wood give the rooms a feeling of Americana beneath bright ceiling lights and an adjustment table.     

She says she specializes in helping pregnant women, specifically analyzing the pelvis, “a huge foundation of the body.”

Kenny says she is also a Hatha alignment yoga instructor, a type of yoga that emphasizes physical exercise and breathing control.  “It supports, challenges, and protects the body,” she says.  “It’s important to make sure that yoga is available for everybody.”   

She explains that a “huge variety” of maladies cause joint and muscle discomfort.  “Neural behavior disorders cause pain and headaches.  Usually people come in for something that prevents them from doing what they want to do, to be active.”

Infinite Potential is located at 131 N. Lake Street, suite six.  For more information or to make an appointment contact Kenny at 517-282-3658 or email her at

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