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100 Years Ago

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Birthday Party

A very delightful birthday surprise party for Miss Eliza Smith was held at her pleasant home and that of her sister, Mrs. Murray, Thursday. This was planned by the nephews and nieces who came from various parts of the state. There were present Mr. and Mrs. Baker and son of Lansing, Mr. and Mrs. Benton and son of Napoleon; Mr. and Mrs. Cornwell of Blissfield; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Greenwood of Eldred; Mr. R.H. Bronk of Detroit; Mr. and Mrs. Raby of Norvell’ Mrs. Nellie Beals of Jackson; Mr. G.W. Gutekunst and wife and Miss Carrie Wood, of Grass Lake. A very enjoyable social time was passed interspersed with music and original papers. The visiting guests brought beautiful flowers and each a gift for Aunt Eliza, as well as serving a bountiful dinner for the company. To show the esteem in which Aunt Eliza is held we will quote part of a poem composed by a niece, Mrs. Greenwood:

We have gathered today to honor the one, Who has shared all our sorrow, our joys and our fun.

And we feel it a pleasure to show her our love, Brighten her pathway as she nears the home above,

So that we moor our frail bark on Eternity shore, We may meet with the loved ones who have gone on before;

And dwell in the mansions not built by hand, Just over the river in fair Eden land.

We are thinking today of times that are past, Of friends who once with us are now gone to rest,

Of occasions like this which occur each year, usually at Christmas the day of good cheer.      

Town Hall Denial?

The question has arisen as to whether the Town Hall shall be used for indoor sports by the boys and girls of the High School. First—Is it necessary? The school has no gymnasium. Boys left to themselves congregate in places down town where they hear almost nothing good and everything that is bad. When occupied with something that they enjoy, these other objectionable things are left in the background. What is true of the boys is true to a less degree of the girls. A place for the boys and girls to work off their surplus energy in a clean sport is absolutely necessary. A game like basket ball teaches team work and co-operation, a thing that is essential in a well-ordered community. Besides, the game stimulates physical efficiency. The stoop-shouldered, wizened-faced student is forced to the rear. The student with a whole body and plenty of snap is ahead.

Second—Why the Town Hall?  Just now our public school has no gymnasium. Our students are nearly three-fourths from the surrounding country. The Grass Lake High School is the finishing center for all the county schools in this locality. Therefore the Town Hall which belongs to all these people who send their children to the Grass Lake High School or can send them if they have them  to send should be at the disposal of the people interested.

The Town Hall under the theory of our government is the servant of the people. If the people by petition or otherwise indicate that it is their wish to use the Town Hall to supplement what their High School lacks, it is the business of these pubic servants to grant that wish and to do it graciously, always under proper supervision and with certain definite restrictions.

Gathered by Linda Lockwood Hutchinson.

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