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Public Notice: Village Meeting Minutes- January 3, 2017

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January 3, 2017  REGULAR MEETING

     Call to Order– President DeBoe called the regular meeting of the Village Council to order at 7:00 p.m. Members present Joseph DeBoe, Sharon Sherwood, Gina Lammers, Dave Wilcox, Carolyn Rees, Dave Keener and Joel Grimm. Also present Lammers and Nolte. Public present Jim Stormont and Diane DeBoe.

     Pledge by All.

    Adopt Agenda– Motion by Wilcox to adopt the agenda with one addition, support by Rees. All in favor, motion carried.

     Minutes– Clerk read the minutes of the December 20, 2016 regular meeting. Discussion. Motion by Sherwood to accept the minutes of December 20, 2016 meeting as read, second by Lammers. All in favor, motion carried.

     Public– No comment at this time.    

     Bills- Clerk presented the bills for the month of January. Discussion of the bill for MML the annual premium is up over $400 from last year.  Motion by Keener to approve the bills totaling $51,908.75 and Consumers Energy and Kelly Fuels when received, second by Sherwood. All in favor, motion carried.

      Maintenance– Lammers reported it was pretty quiet between Christmas and New Year’s so the guys took some time off. They will be working on putting in more new water meters.  Historical Connections have removed the benches out of the DPW barn hopefully in preparation for moving Car 29.

     Correspondence-The Jackson County Solid Waste Management Plan was discussed. Nolte suggested having Grant Bauman attend the next council meeting so that he can address any questions council has.

     Committee ReportsDiscussion of having a meeting of the finance committee on Jan. 11th. Motion by Sherwood to schedule a special meeting on Jan 11th with no pay for council members if they attend, second Lammers. All in favor, motion carried. Senior Center is doing some fund raising now. Discussion of the weekend for the community garage sale; it will be on June 9th & 10th.

     Old Business. None.

     New Business.

     DPW– Lammers gave council a detailed report of the existing equipment and the need to start replacing some of the older pieces. He developed a replacement plan with the year the equipment was purchased, cost and estimated replacement cost. Some of the equipment is over 30 years old. Lammers is suggesting a 3 mil increase of the village taxes , 2 mil’s for equipment and 1 mil for operations, to start saving some money to be able to purchase newer equipment. DeBoe gave all members of council a breakdown of what a 3 mil increase will do to their tax bill with Lammers being the hardest hit. Council thanked Lammers for all of the information.

     Village Managers Report– Nolte reported that four streetlights were out but that he thought Consumers Energy had gotten them fixed. Nolte told council that he will be cutting his hours and his salary so that they can start looking for a new village manager.  He suggested using MML,he thought if they started in June or July that should give them enough time as he is planning on retiring in Jan. of 2018. Discussion of the asphalt in front of the Lost Railway Museum on Michigan Ave. Lammers did get it filled in but the contractor will be responsible for filling it in in the spring when they can get asphalt.

     Pending Business– Historical Connect ions/Car 29 this is on hold until the village attorney is back to work. Sign Ordinance, discussion of changing the ordinance, as apparently people don’t know how to work the “OPEN” signs correctly.

     Upcoming Events– They will be taking down the Christmas decorations on Sunday for anyone who wants to help. Winter fest will be on January 21, 2017. Business Expo will be on March 18, 2017 at the High School. Check out upcoming events on or websites. If you can volunteer go to

     Public-Diane asked about MapleSt/Church St. Dollar General has not completed the purchase of the property where the new business will be.      

     Adjournment– Motion by Keener to adjourn the meeting with support by Wilcox. All in favor, motion carried. 8:28 p.m.Respectfully


Estelle Mead-Clerk

Changes in bold and underlined.

Minutes approved with changes 1-17-2017.

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