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Grass Lake Resident Killed by Engine

John Dakin, a resident of Grass Lake, was run over and killed by a Michigan Central switch engine in the Hayes Wheel company yards Monday morning. He has been employed at this factory about three years. The accident occurred while he was engaged in carrying some lumber across the railroad track which leads to the plant. It is said his hearing was defective. Daniel Bisbee, who saw the switch engine coming and the danger Mr. Dakin was in, shouted at him to look out, but he did not heed the warning. It is said the fireman, Mr. Tenney, also sought to attract his attention before the engine struck him, by yelling at him. Engineer Leinaer stopped his train as soon as he could after learning of the danger, but it was too late.

The Johnson & Gildersleeve undertaking rooms, and Coroner Tibbets ordered an inquest held. Police Constable Phelps empaneled a jury, which viewed the remains and adjourned to meet on Friday evening at 7 o’clock.

The deceased is survived by a widow and a son, Vern Dakin, who reached the hospital shortly after his father died. Mr. Dakin was 52 years old.

Mr. George Wolf and Miss Helen Serviss were married Thursday evening and are receiving the congratulations of their friends. (Note: George Wolf was better known as Dutch, my grandmother Lydia’s brother.)

Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Fox spent Thursday in Jackson and Mrs. Remington tended the switch board at the Bell Telephone office.

Esther Cooper spent Sunday with her niece Clara Hewlett who is recovering from her severe burns at the hospital in Ann Arbor.

The remains of John R. Fowler of St. Louis, Mo., arrived in Grass Lake for burial in the east cemetery last week. The floral offerings were the largest ever seen here as they filled one-half of a baggage car.

Mrs. W.A. Boland and daughter Gertrude will leave Sunday for Seattle, Washington, where they will join Mr. Boland for the winter. Grey Tower, the Boland summer home, near Grass Lake (Grey Tower Road), will be closed this winter for the first time in history.

The Revival Meetings which Rev. S.J. Pollock has been holding at Sharon have closed. The meetings were very much enjoyed and much good was done.

Arthur Russell, who was seriously injured last Friday at the Davis-Shelly lumber yard, by a pile of sacked plaster falling on him, is not improving as rapidly as his friends would wish.

Norman Davis had an exciting runaway in Grass Lake this week when his team became too frisky and took a spin down Main street.

James B. Field of Jackson who is general agent of the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co., transacted business in Grass Lake on Tuesday and distributed calendars among his friends.

Gathered by Linda Lockwood Hutchinson.

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