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Teacher Feature- Ms. (Joanna) Botte

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This school year we welcome Joanna Botte to Grass Lake Schools. Ms. Botte comes to us from Whiteford Agricultural School in Ottawa Lake, Michigan.

Currently, she is teaching Study Skills, and co-teaching Math 7 and 8 and ELA 7 at the Middle School in the morning and travels to the High School to teach Study Skills in the afternoon. In addition, she is the Whiteford Middle School assistant track coach.

She is at home in this area as she attended Columbia Central High School. Her studies earned her a Bachelor’s Degree from Central Michigan University and a Master’s Degree from Siena Heights University.

In her spare time, Ms. Botte enjoys reading, spending time with her family and friends and going on vacations. In the summers she spends at least a month each year visiting friends and spending time in the mountains and on the ocean.

During the summer she also participates in an 8 week long Horticultural Therapy program for youth with special needs which is sponsored by Lenawee County 4-H called Project Bloom.

This year Ms. Botte’s goals include getting to know the staff, students, and community. She has a vision to start a book club at the middle school so if you have an interest, please let her know!

When asked what the most interesting thing is she gets to teach she responded with:

“I think the most interesting thing I get to teach is study skills.  My background is in science and history so I am able to use my knowledge to help students understand the concepts being taught in those classes.  Also in study skills, I get to work with a small group of students so I really get to know them.”

Ms. Botte has a very small immediate family, she is an only child and both of her parents are only children. She does have a lot of distant cousins most of whom live in the greater Metro-Detroit area, however, she has several who live here in Grass Lake.

Please share with me in welcoming Joanna Botte to our school community!

Today’s Teacher Feature is the third in a new series of columns featuring the local teachers at Grass Lake Community Schools. We hope to help the community to become more familiar with the teachers and administrators of the Grass Lake Community Schools.

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