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100 years ago in Grass Lake

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Outbreak of Cattle Plague 

Detroit—Because of the discovery of suspected cases of foot and mouth disease in several western states, the officials of the Detroit Stock Yards late today placed an embargo on shipments of live stock of all kinds from Kansas, Nebraska or Missouri and from Sioux City, Iowa. The ban also was placed against shipments from other points that would pass through the prohibited district and be watered and fed there. No action has yet been taken toward prohibiting shipments from the Detroit stock yards.

Local and Personal

Useful and fancy articles will be o sale at the Congregational fair, Dec. 8. Home made candy at the fair.

The public schools will close on Wednesday afternoon for the Thanksgiving vacation.     

The Mt. Pleasant church will have a fair and chicken supper next Wednesday evening, Dec. 6th, at the home of Geo. Fry’s. All are invited.

The Grass Lake Farmers’ quartette, consisting of Messrs. Crafts, Cutler, Davis and Dorr will sing for the State Farmers’ Club in the senate chamber at Lansing on Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 5th. This is the second time in succession that the Grass Lake Farmers’ Club has been called upon to loan its quartette to the state organization.

Grass Lake sends 15 boys to the older boys Y.M.C.A. conference to be held in Lansing this week. The boys take a special car at Jackson. About 100 boys will go from Jackson county. Rev. W.A. Cutler, John Lemm and Asst. Scout Master Van Arnum will go with the boys. Will Shelly goes up Sunday to be with the boys on Sunday afternoon and evening. The boys will return Sunday night.

The many friends of Prof. William H. Maybee in this county will be shocked to learn that he lies on his death bed at his home in Detroit from an attack of cancer of the liver. A few years ago he was superintendent of the Grass Lake public schools, and subsequently was the commissioner of schools of Jackson county. He is now an alderman from the ward in which he lives and also one of the commissioners of the Detroit educational system. The professor is a man of profound erudition and of wide scholastic attainments. His death will be greatly regretted, and prove a distinct loss to the interests of learning in Detroit.

Chicken pie supper at the Congregational church, Friday, Dec. 8. Supper will be served from 5 o’clock until all have partaken. Adults 30 cents. Children under 12, 20 cents.

The Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Jackson county has paid for losses by fire during the past year $17,976.43. Of this amount $4,320.75 has been paid for losses in Grass Lake. The assessment is $2.00 per $1000.

B.F. Washburn sold to J.C. Kendall 64 hogs which brought $1,085.40. Best  bunch of hogs ever brought to these yards.

Mr. Eugene Carter has resigned is position at the barber shop and has gone to work for the Citizen Press in Jackson.

Mr. Louis Watkins has a new Airdale pup. The Airdales are supposed to be the most aristocratic dogs on earth at the present time.

E.J. Foster and E.L. Croman have returned from their business trip to the southwest. While in Texas they journeyed to ElPaso and arranged to meet Lieut. Palmer, known to Grass Lake friends as Dr. Fay Palmer. The doctor as well as Mr. Mr. Foster and Mr. Croman greatly enjoyed this meeting, the doctor being especially delighted to see some one from home. The doctor being an officer in the army looks as if the service agreed with him but nevertheless he would like to come home.

Gathered by Linda Lockwood Hutchinson.

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