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The Grass Lake Farmers’ Club will meet at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Dickman on Wednesday, Nov. 8, 1916. A thanksgiving dinner will be served. At least we expect you to be thankful for it. Thanksgiving quotations will be given and music appropriate for this theme, followed by two papers, “Why Observe the Day” by Mrs. E.W. Hobart; also selected readings. The last on the program will be an experience meeting. Come everybody and tell of  your success or failures.

Clara Hewlett, who was severely burned some months ago and has been slowly recovering at the hospital in Ann Arbor, is now able to wheel herself about in a chair and will soon be able to come home.

Applications for the 1917 registration under the motor vehicle law will be received after Nov. 1st. Blanks will not be sent to those registered this year. A large list of dealers and garages covering the entire state has been formulated and a supply of blanks that already have been sent to them. The County Clerks have also been furnished with a supply.

Alice Crafts has a Halloween party for the pupils in her room and the children had a happy afternoon.

Mrs. Clare Shaler who has been operated on for an affection of the nose and throat, is improving. (As stated before, I type the articles as they are printed in the old  papers. So, did Mrs. Shaler suffer from an infection, or an affection?)

Mrs. Susie Hines has accepted the position of matron of the free kindergarten on South Mechanic street in Jackson.

P.S. Willis has improved his country home by the addition of a beautiful stone porch.

Mr. Thos. Durbin is still picking strawberries from his patch and they are fine ripe ones.

Mr. Claude Perkins of Jackson has purchased the Grass Lake Laundry and is now prepared to do first class work.

Mr. Charles Walker fell from a high ladder while painting at the home of Clyde Lockwood and injured himself so severely that he was taken to the hospital in Jackson.

Mr. Arthur Ostrander is under Dr. McColgan’s care having had the misfortune to fall from an apple tree and break three ribs.

Republicans Take Notice: The Republican Club of Grass Lake Township will hold a Luncheon and Smoker at the Town Hall, Thursday evening, Nov. 2. You are most cordially invited to come and lunch and a good cigar and listen to some good speeches. Bring a friend with you. Signed–C.B. Wilcox, Pres.; Frank Shelly, Sec’y; Henry Mellencamp, Treas.

Auction!!! The undersigned will sell at Public Auction on the premises one mile east of Michigan Center on the Boland Line, just east of overhead bridge, on Thursday , January 9, 1916, Commencing at 1 o’clock sharp, the following property:

Horses, Cattle, Hogs, Etc.—One dark bay mare 14 years old, wt 1000 lbs; 1 bay horse, wt 1200 lbs; 1 cow 10 yrs old, 1 heifer 17 mos. old; 1 heifer calf 5 mos. old; 1 Jersey brood sow, 9 Jersey pigs, 8 weeks old, 2 shoats, 4 mos. old; Black Minorca hens, geese and ducks.

Gathered by Linda Lockwood Hutchinson.

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