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Teacher Feature- Mrs. (Danielle) Doctor

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Danielle Doctor teaches Spanish I, II, IV and Advanced Placement Spanish at Grass Lake High School. She started teaching at the high school in 2001.

Mrs. Doctor graduated from Albion College with a BA in Spanish and a Master’s from Eastern Michigan University in Spanish. She says she likes teaching Spanish because she likes to see students progress through a subject. Mrs. Doctor states “I have the ability to see them mature and grow throughout the different levels becoming more confident, proficient and fluent speakers.  I love the culture and language and I enjoy sharing it with each group of students I am able to teach.”

When asked what her goal is, she responded “ I am passionate about teaching! I want to grow the Spanish Department to reaching out to offering Elementary Spanish classes again…I would like to see more GL students minoring in Spanish so that they are more marketable in the Global Economy.”

When asked what she likes to do, Mrs. Doctor responded with a smile, “ I love to travel!  I was fortunate to go on my first overseas trip when I was 18.  It was through my High School travel club at Albion High School and Cross Country Coach Mike Jurasek and EF Tours.  From then I have had the opportunity to travel to many European countries. My favorites would be Belgium and Spain.  I have a competition between traveling to Spain and India.  Spain is winning at 9 times to my 8th trip to India that will happen this December 23rd 2016.  I have had the opportunity to take GLHS students to Spain on two different Educational Tours.  Once in 2005 and then in 2011.  I love experiencing new cultures and introducing them to students.  For local travel, I expose students in Spanish II  to Detroit Mexicantown on a fall Field Trip to celebrate el día de los muertos as well as a spring field trip to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  Students in upper level courses take a field trip to the Detroit Institute of Art to see the collection of artist from the hispanic hemisphere such as Velasques and Rivera.

If I am not speaking Spanish, I love to run.  I have been a runner since I was a sophomore in High School.  I ran at the collegiate level and still love to run.  I have shared the dedication and commitment for my sport, with my students, as I have ran 5 marathons within my teaching career as well as multiple different distances from 5ks to half-marathons.  My most rewarding was qualifying and running in the Boston Marathon where students in the district tracked me, during the gruelling race of 2012, in their classrooms.

Mrs. Doctor has been married 10 years to her wonderful husband, Udhav Doctor.  They have two boys, Kartik who is 8 and Vikram who is 6.  They both attend George Long Elementary.

Today’s Teacher Feature is the second in a new series of columns featuring the local teachers at Grass Lake Community Schools. We hope to help the community to become more familiar with the teachers and administrators of the Grass Lake Community Schools.

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