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100 Years Ago in Grass Lake

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Obituary—Ora Franklin Barnes

Ora Franklin Barnes, son of Charles A. and Sarah E. Barnes, who was born at St. Francis, Kansas, Dec. 17, 1888 and died at Grass Lake, Sept. 2, 1916, being 27 years, 8 months and 15 days. Early in life he came with his parents to Oakwood, Ohio, where he lived nearly all his life; it was here where his mother passed to the spirit land when he was a small boy.

In April of this year he came to live in Grass Lake, making his home with his parents on Church street. When he came to visit his parents it was with the intention of taking a rest until he should recover from a severe cold that he had taken a few weeks previous to his coming home. But in spite of all that medicine and devoted loving nursing could do, it grew worse, developing into tuberculosis. His death was untimely for he passed away just as he was coming into his prime young manhood, like the flower that is appreciated most when its bloom is most beautiful and fragrant because it is full, so he in the full tide of life drooped and died. He leaves to mourn his death besides his parents one brother and four sisters and a host of friends. He was a member of the I.O.O.F. at Oakwood, Ohio.

Subscribers to the Grass Lake News

On account of the rise in price of everything used in connection with the making of a newspaper almost all papers have raised the subscription price to $1.50  or more. We do not propose at present to raise the price of this paper, but we must insist on the subscriptions now due being paid. There is nearly $500.00 now due on subscriptions which should be paid in the next 30 days.

Look at the label on your paper and if your subscription is due please attend to it at once. Unless this is done we will be compelled to raise the subscription price because of the great advance in costs. Read the following convincing facts:

First—The price of inks has increased 75 per cent or more, owing to the increased cost of coloring material.

Second—The price of paper advanced 50 per cent and more, owing to the scarcity of raw materials and of coloring matter.

Third—The cost of supplies and type has advanced 50 per cent or more due to the increased cost of metal.

Fourth—The price of engraving materials has advanced 200 per cent and more, due to the fact that many of the chemicals are manufactured in Germany and that there is an ever-increasing demand in belligerent countries for copper and zinc. Engraving materials include copper, zinc, iodide and iodine. Local and Personal

A watermelon social was held at the Baptist church Tuesday evening which was greatly enjoyed by a large crowd.

Frank Shelly, Mart Rohrer, Floyd Mellencamp, Harry Worden and Walter Clark motored to Detroit Wednesday and saw the great game between Detroit and Boston

100 Years Ago is gathered by Linda Lockwood Hutchinson.

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