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Village Water and Sewer Rate Changes

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The Village of Grass Lake finalized their Water and Sewer rates which became effective October 1, 2016.

The new rates include a meter replacement fee and a water tower maintenance fee.

Water meters need to be replaced every 10 years.

In addition to the new water rates, sewer rates were raised to $44 a month.

Starting in 2017, water bills will be sent monthly. Currently they are billed quarterly, with the exception of the new meter replacement fee and the water tower maintenance fee, which are being billed monthly along with the sewer bills.

While the Village Council was not happy with raising rates, it was necessary to cover the costs that are being incurred so that they can maintain a balanced fund balance. The last time the Village adjusted the sewer rates was 1996 according to Village Manager Tom Nolte. “We actually lowered them in 1996 to the current rates. The residents of the Village have benefited from some very low prices for a very long time.”

Of the $44 for sewer rates, $21 goes directly to Leoni Township for the treatment of the waste water. $4 goes into the capital improvement fund and the remaining is used for operations and maintenance.

The village has 599 sewer customers and approximately 520 water customers.


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