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Sheriff’s Department Report

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Deputy DeLand reported patrolling 1,472 miles during the month of September. That brings the yearly total to 16,157 miles. These numbers only include miles and incidents by Deputy DeLand. The Village and the Township share a contract with the Sheriff’s Department for a full-time deputy in Grass Lake.

Activity: This month/YTD

Complaints Dispatched: 23/178

Incident Reports: 10/74

Arrests: 1/6

Appearance Citations: 0/0

Ordinance Complaints: 1/5

Traffic Citations: 3/35

Verbal Warnings: 10/106

Liquor Inspections: 0/2

Motorist Assists: 0/8

Vehicles Inspected: 10/112

Persons Investigated: 33/342

Assists to Other Departments: 1/19

Property Inspections: 30/270

Process Service: 0/0

Deputy DeLand reported that a man approached a Grass Lake High School student in downtown Grass Lake with the intent to pick them up. The student did not get into the car. Citizens took pictures of the car and license plate, spread the word through social media and reported it to the police. With help from the public, Deputy DeLand was able to determine where the man was working. The plates on the car were stolen and the man had no identification. He was arrested and his car impounded. This would not have been possible without the help of the public.

Deputy DeLand previously indicated that anyone that he pulls over, talks with, or answers a complaint that he does not know is run through the system which accounts for the persons investigated numbers.

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