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100 Years Ago

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October 1916

Mesdames Harriet Shaler, Jas. McColgan, P.S. Willis, A.W. Davis, M.G. Carlton, E.A. Croman, Minnie Clark, Delia Silkworth, W.W. Hobart, Germaine Foster, Lewis Watkins, W.A. Cutler, Sophia Askew, Miss Eleanor Clark, Mrs. W.B. Dibble of Lynn, Mass., and Mrs. J.F. Denslow of Muskegon, took a suburban car for Jackson last Friday afternoon and held a picnic at Loomis park.

NOTE:  The entire front and back pages of the August 17, 1916 issue of the GRASS LAKE NEWS were devoted to political ads for governor, sheriff, and congressional representatives, as well as the usual  business ads.

Mrs. Hall, mother of Mrs. Archie Davis, is suffering from a rather peculiar accident. Sometime while asleep at night she ran a threaded needle in her foot. The eye of the needle went in first so that it had to be cut out.

Last year ten hundred and eighty-six persons riding in automobiles lost their lives at grade crossings in the United States. To impress on all drivers the lesson on “Safety First,” “Stop, Look and Listen,” and “Take No Chances at All,” the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad has posted warnings in public and private garages, repair shops and other places along its line, in the hope that they will be more effective than the signs at the railway crossings.

Eleven automobiles, carrying nearly sixty members and friends of the Farmers’ Club, went to Lansing on Wednesday to attend the State Farmers’ Club picnic.

Burglars entered the house of Albert Wolpert Thursday and stole about $30 in cash. The man has been seen lurking about in the locality since.

As in the previous two weeks, many political ads cover the front and back pages of the paper.

     Domestic News: Public Heath Officials from 38 states, continuing their meeting with the federal public health service at Washington, drew up a code of regulations for combating further spread of infantile paralysis by interstate travel, and developing methods of co-operating in a study of causes and treatment of the disease.

Two guards at the German-American cement plant at LaSalle, Ill., were arrested as a result of the killing of a Polish worker, who was discovered prowling around the plant.

Two British submarines with a submarine depot slip and a British cruiser chased the submarine merchantman Deutschiand, after it passed out of the Virginia capes on its return to Germany, according to information received at New York from a source considered reliable.

Two attempts were made to blow up the wharf of the Pacific Coast Steamship company at Seattle, Wash.

100 Years Ago is gathered by Linda Lockwood Hutchinson.

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