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Township Election Brings One Change

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Tuesday’s primary election was a nail biter for the candidates vying for positions on the Grass Lake Charter Township Board. Since all the candidates were running as Republicans, the primary would most likely decide the election. Candidates will go on to the General Election in November where they will be unopposed. If elected, the candidates take office two weeks after the General Election. Throughout the day, candidates felt confident yet nervous. You never know what’s going to happen until the votes are actually counted.

Incumbent Supervisor Jim Stormont was facing challenger Bruce Maxson. Trustees Scott Bray, Thomas (Tom) Brennan, Danny Hart and John Lesinski were being challenged by William (Bill) Lester, Greg Cagney, Sr. and James (Jim) Warbritton. The 4 candidates receiving the most votes would move on to the General Election where they would be unopposed. A write-in candidate could still file.

The unofficial votes were posted at the Grass Lake Charter Township Hall by clerk Cathy Zenz as they came in. The votes are unofficial until the election is certified by Jackson County, however that is what news agencies often report.

Tuesday’s turnout was light yet decisive. Jim Stormont beat out challenger Bruce Maxson by 236 votes. Stormont 540 to Maxson 304. When asked afterwards how it felt, a smiling Jim Stormont said “I’m honored. I’m honored that the people support me. Support us (the Township Board) what we’ve done for our community. What we can do for our community.”

In the trustee race, incumbents held on to 3 of the 4 spots. Scott Bray, Tom Brennan and John Lesinski retained their seats while Danny Hart lost out to Bill Lester. Scott Bray 474; John Lesinski 435; Tom Brennan 421; Bill Lester 394; Danny Hart 378; Greg Cagney, Sr. 357; Jim Warbritton 334.

Scott Bray said “Thanks to everyone who supported me. I am humbled, honored and incredibly excited to serve for the next 4 years.” Tom Brennan echoed “Thank you to everyone that came out and voted today. I’m honored to serve another term in our great community.” John Lesinski when reached was very excited as well. “I am so excited. I am honored that people support me, the township board and what we are accomplishing.”

Incumbent treasurer Tom Loveland and clerk Cathy Zenz were unopposed.

The township has 4,351 registered voters. With 23.1% of the registered voters casting a ballot, that totaled 1006 ballots. That number was higher compared to the statewide average. Township Clerk Cathy Zenz, who is in charge of the elections, said “everything went well. There were no problems. The voting went in spurts throughout the day. She was thankful for the election workers who did a great job and made her job easier.

Complete election results are available online at:

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