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100 Years Ago- Some Excitement in Grass Lake Saturday Evening

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July 1916

Some Excitement in Grass Lake Saturday Evening

It seems comparatively easy for convicts to get away from Jackson prison farms this summer. It is reported that five escaped last week.  The fifth one was Charles Rosbury, who was sentenced from Presque Isle, Dec. 24, 1912, for breaking and entering a store in the night for a term of fifteen years.

On Saturday afternoon he walked away. About fifteen minutes after deputy sheriff, Harry Worden, had received a description of him he walked into the Worden ice cream parlor and ordered an ice cream soda. This was about ten o’clock on Saturday night.

Worden at once thought he might be the fellow but the description sent out of him declared that he had one gold tooth while this fellow had two. This fact made Worden hesitate to arrest him. Worden questioned him however and the fellow became suspicious and hurried out of the ice cream parlor and ran.

Deputy Sheriff Worden followed him and chased him down toward the D.U.R. tracks. He caught him near N.F. Wing’s house. The convict knifed Worden cutting him badly in the hand and broke away running across the track, where he jumped the fence and escaped in the darkness.

Worden and his helpers phoned Jackson and the sheriff and his deputies and officers from the prison came out at once in two automobiles. The prison auto went on to Chelsea while the Sheriff’s auto stopped at the Sylvan road where they waited thinking the convict might come along the track. In about ten minutes he showed up. He was called upon to stop but broke and ran. Deputy Sheriff’s Worden and Kutt ran him down and succeeded in capturing him after four shots had been fired.

The officers finally overpowered him and handcuffed him and found that he still had the knife in his hand. It was taken away from him and he was placed in an auto and hurried to Jackson where he was placed again behind prison bars.

100 Years Ago is gathered by Linda Lockwood Hutchinson.

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