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Raymond Tucker Cordani

Here we grow again.  The Grass Lake Times has hired Kathleen Dulac as the newspaper’s advertising account manager, bringing the number of members on the staff to four.  Publisher Scott Bray and his wife Karla purchased the Times from former publisher Alex Weddon in March.  Since then the staff has doubled, hiring Kathy to sell ad space and me to write news and feature stories.  Kathy and I began our jobs two weeks ago.  The possibilities in the newsroom and the advertising office are endless.

Kathy and I met over iced tea at the Clear Lake Grill on Friday not far from her home in Waterloo Township.  We shared our experiences in our respective disciplines.  During our hour-long conversation she conveyed to me her personal and professional background.  In last week’s edition I wrote my own rap sheet to introduce myself to the community.  Now it’s her turn.

Kathy was born in Detroit but moved around a bit until she returned to Michigan to raise her family.  Her career was in sales and management in the consumer product industry.  She describes her career as “self-directed” but she does thrive on collaboration.  After the interview she emailed me a story tip.  Talk about a team player.  Depth and versatility is an asset in every enterprise.    

Her ethos regarding her industry is realistic and shrewd.  “If you’re not out there making friends you may become an order-taker but you’ll never become a salesperson.  This applies to any sales, such as my new position at the Grass Lake Times.” She intends to be the “point person for ads by juggling things around, knocking on doors, making phone calls, and following potential accounts.” In that case, the advertising and editorial departments are on the same page.        

“I like to be busy,” Kathy says.  “I wasn’t busy enough in retirement.  So I sought a close-by opportunity and landed with this newspaper.”  In that regard our joining the Times seems to have been fate’s hand.  We both made random inquiries to the Brays relative to our area of expertise: Kathy in selling ads and me putting words on paper to illustrate the spirit and character of Grass Lake.

Though Kathy originally came from the Motor City she describes herself as “not ever having been a city girl.  I prefer the small-town atmosphere and local independent business.  Working ‘Mom and Pop’ is preferable to a large company because of the direct communication with and without the red tape.  I’m afforded some autonomy and this is where I live.  A new adventure is happily before me.”

Advertising space with the Times is first-come-first-serve and Kathy is looking to grow the venture.

Human beings are not meant to sit still.  Following retirement Kathy volunteered at her church once a week while donating her time to other organizations in the area and plying her avocation as a photographer.

Area businesses can look forward to hearing from the Times’s new advertising account manager to discuss your publicity needs.  The city girl with the country girl heart would like to hear from you

Welcome aboard, Kathy!

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