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Busier Than Normal Week for GL Veterans

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Scott Bray

Grass Lake Veterans from American Legion Post 252  and VFW Post 10194 worked together Monday evening to install a new memorial, the Soldier’s Cross  at the Veteran’s Memorial in downtown Grass Lake.

The Soldier’s Cross will be dedicated during the Memorial Day Remembrances on Monday at 10:00 am.

The Soldier’s Cross, or Battlefield Cross is a visible reminder of the fallen soldier. The helmet and identification tags signify the fallen soldier, their names never to be forgotten. The inverted rifle with bayonet signals a time for prayer, a break in the action to pay tribute to our friend. The combat boots, worn and dirty, represents the final march of the soldier’s last battle.

More than a dozen veterans and spectators were present as the Soldier’s Cross was meticulously placed on Monday. The 600+ lb of marble was lifted to the edge by Paul Lammers using the Village’s small tractor with forks attached. Once it was close enough, it was muscled into place, then measured, adjusted, muscled over and over until it was precisely placed. There were plenty of advice being offered on the best way to move it, or how much it needed to go this way or that. All in good humor, when one veteran said that was close enough, Skip Freysinger replied “Close enough for Navy.” while continuing to measure.

The marble, measuring 20x22x15 was brought back from Grand Rapids by Chris Sherwood where the statutues had been taken so the holes could be measured precisely.

This project began about 6 months ago when the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus approached the VFW and Americal Legion. The Knights of Columbus will be present for Monday’s dedication. The Veterns needed to raise approximately $8,000 to cover the cost of the marble, the plaque, the statue and the necessary supplies.

Rex Murock, retired Navy has done a lot of restoration and clean-up to the Veteran’s Memorial, power washing multiple times, wire brushing and repainting the steps and trim, cleaning up the Honor Roll signs and much more.

Monday’s Memorial Day Remembrance includes the statue dedication and will be followed by a procession to the Maple Grove Cemetery on the west side of town (along Wolf Lake Rd).

Veterans placed over 400 American Flags at the graves of veteran’s in the Grass Lake cemetaries this year.

According to proper flag etiquette “At the moment the flag passes in a parade or procession, all persons should show respect by standing at attention facing the flag with their right hand over their hearts. Military personnel or veterans should face the flag and render their formal salute. During a parade it is appropriate to salute only the first US Flag.”

While it’s ok for the ladies, men and boys should remove their hats, too.

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One Comment to Busier Than Normal Week for GL Veterans

  1. Charles DeBoe says:

    With my family being lifelong residents of this community, and myself growing up in Grass Lake, and now being a member of the Knights of Columbus it was a honor to be part of the dedication of the Soldier’s Cross in my hometown.
    Thank you
    Charles DeBoe

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