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100 Years Ago – May, 1916

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South Fishville—Blanche and Vera Kimball spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Wm. Curtis.

North Grass Lake—Wm. Locher suffered a stroke of paralysis Thursday.

Napoleon—The remains of Mrs. Geo. Riley of Jackson were brought here for interment Friday.

Francisco Village—Ernest Benter has opened a blacksmith shop in the Secklinger building and is prepared to do all kinds of blacksmithing. Your patronage is solicited.

Lewis Price has a new automobile. Leonard DeVerna is driving a new Ford. Norman David has purchased a new Ford.

T.B. Jones motored and family motored to Rives, Sunday, where they visited with relatives and friends.

Recent repairs at the Lakeside Elgin Creamery include bricking over the boiler and laying some new floor.

A number of Knights Templar and their wives attended the “Ladies Night” at the Masonic Temple, Wednesday evening.

F.J. Boyd is looking after business in Detroit. Mrs. F.J. Boyd is visiting friends in Dundee, Mich.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Sager and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Webber were Sunday guests of Mrs. Alice Lehman.

Mrs. Merle Soper who has been seriously ill with inflammatory rheumatism, is reported much better this week.

The settled piece of cement walk in front of the Strassberger harness shop has been removed and new walk put in its place.

The Grass Lake High  and the Chelsea High played a spirited game of ball Wednesday afternoon, and the score was 3 to 3.

Mr. Eugene Carter has resigned his position as foreman of the Grass Lake News office and Mr. W.C. Briggs has taken his place.

Miss Kenyon, Mrs. Eugene Close and Alice Crafts have accepted positions as teachers in the Grass Lake schools for the coming year.  All friends and patrons of the pubic school will be pleased to know that Prof. A.W. Dorr has contracted to remain as superintendent for another year.

Hundreds of schools throughout America are observing Shakespear’s tri-centenary.

100 Years Ago is gathered by Linda Lockwood Hutchinson.

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