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October, 2015


Grass Lake Township Sewer Improvement $ Notice

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The Township Board of Grass Lake Charter Township hereby states its intent to enter
into a proposed installment purchase agreement under Act 99 of the Public Acts of
Michigan of 1933, as amended, to acquire public sewer improvements in a principal
amount up $105,000.00.

By Order of the Township Board
Catherine N Zenz, Grass Lake Charter Township Clerk
373 Lakeside Drive     Grass Lake, MI 49240

Paleo Diet Exposed in Chelsea

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The  bones of a Wooly Mammoth were uncovered Thursday, October 1, 2015 from a soybean field in nearby Chelsea. Initial evidence indicates the animal was hunted down, killed, butchered and eaten with the leftovers dunked into a pond for safe keeping, awaiting further use by humans. Almost 15,000 years have passed and the wait is over. Read More

Now Law: Drivers can show proof of insurance on their phone during traffic stops

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LANSING, Mich. – Gov. Rick Snyder has signed legislation that will allow drivers on Michigan roads to present proof of auto insurance using their cell phone or other mobile device if asked by a law enforcement officer.

Also signs highway naming, county tax levy and criminal sentencing measures and pre-school appropriations bill Read More

Juke Box Johnny’s Rock n Roll Trivia

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This band was formed to give bubblegum music a heavier sound and glitter rock image.
a. Sweet
b. Queen
c. Raspberries
d. White Zombie

This fictional group0 sang The Tra La La Song?
a. Josie & The Pussycats Read More

Hundred Year Old News, August, 1915

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Close up of 1874 woodcutting J. Clark Farm, Grass Lake Michigan.

Close up of 1874 woodcutting J. Clark Farm, Grass Lake Michigan.

From the GRASS LAKE NEWS  August 12, 1915
Sidney Smith drove his Ford automobile to Jackson Saturday evening and parked it on Liberty street near the Dalton hotel. Some one stole the car between seven and eight o’clock. Officers are on the lookout but no trace has yet been discovered.
A number of young business men of the village have organized a tennis club and have gone to Read More