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January, 2015



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MONEY FOUND  today in Grass Lake. call  Alex  to if you or someone you know is going crazy trying to find it. 855 522 8329

No Winter Break for World Class Wrestler

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Most high school students enjoyed their holiday vacation and celebrated the New Year with parties and celebrations.  While other students were enjoying their break, Grass Lake Junior Theresa Rankin was working hard, training, and competing for Team USA Women’s Wrestling on the international level.

Theresa is one of eight girls that competed for the USA Women’s Wrestling at the Cadet World Championships in Slovokia and was one of eight who competed for the USA Women’s Cadet Team this weekend at the Nordhagen Classic.

Rankin left on December 27 to attend a National Team Developmental Camp with the Olympic Coaches in Phoenix, AZ.  She practiced wrestling eight hours a day for three straight days.  Theresa then flew to Calgary, Alberta Canada to compete with the Cadet USA Women’s Wrestling Team in Team Duals as well as a Junior Individual Tournament.
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Chili Cook-Off January 17

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Cook off 11am-2:30 pm Grass Lake Village Hall. 119 N. Lake Street.

Tasters admission $5, under age five, FREE.
Grass Lake Winterfest, Downtown Grass Lake!
Ice Sculptures, Family Fun!!

Writers! Bloggers!

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The Grass Lake Times is seeking authors that would like to see their work in  print!

email links to:

Get published, get more followers and get that
positive feed-back you love.
It will motivate you to write, write, write!
Your great-great grand kids will thank you!

Military Museum Seeking Stories, Materials

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The Michigan Military Heritage Museum has partnered with the Grass Lake Area Historical Society to help bring the stories of Michigan’s service members to the public and is now accepting contributions.

Donations of military items are sought to bring the stories of those that served to the public. Items can be from any time period and includes uniforms, photograph’s, and firearms.  Nothing is too big or too small and everything helps in the telling of our states military history.

As a 501c(3) non-profit organization, all donations are fully tax deductible. Please consider putting your military heritage on display and help future generations understand the sacrifices that were made  to ensure our freedom.

Donations can be made anytime by calling Scott at 517-522-2042 or Marilyn at 517-522-8324.

Cold Starts, from the book “Close Calls on the Farm, Off to School”

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by Alex R. Weddon

from the soon to be released third book, of the Close Calls on the Farm trilogy.

As a teenager growing up during the 1960s on an eighty acre farm in Stockbridge, the numbing cold of Winter weather demanded family members to devote additional time for chores and extra care when riding, hiking and hunting.

Temperatures often dropped into the teens at night following a sunny day of wearing our tee-shirts outside and playing catch with the football. On those colder mornings the barn yard was a noisy affair with the hooves of our animals crunching through the skim ice that formed in the deep tracks that pockmarked the soggy manure mixed barnyard slush around the old barn. Part of the routine of daily chores included making sure the water trough was not frozen over.  If so, we used an axe to chop away or the handle of a shovel to poke holes in thinner ice then stirring around and flipping out plate sized chunks that could have been used as windows in an igloo.

After one animal slaked their thirst, others would follow and that activity would usually be enough to keep the ice from sealing off access for a day.

For the dogs, we used iron bowls salvaged from the milking stanchions in the barn. Milk cows had slurped water from them many years earlier. Read More