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August, 2014


Open House for New Photography Business Downtown Grass Lake

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Downtown Grass Lake
August 8, 6:30 to 9 pm
113 E. Michigan Avenue
Drawings for FREE family photo sessions, hand crafted tasty treats and fine repartee.

“My mom was an accomplished photographer, she even had her own dark room, I have lots of happy memories of her devloping pictures,” declared Ms. Scott recently when asked how she choose her field of expertise.

Welcome April to the Grass Lake Community and see how she brings out the beauty of her subjects. Her beautiful pictures of High School seniors, Women and Family will be admired for generations.

Military Artifacts Wanted by Museum

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The Grass Lake Area Historical Society and The Michigan Military Heritage Museum are looking for military items and stories.

The Michigan Military Heritage Museum is a group of dedicated historians who are working with the Grass Lake Area Historical Society to bring the deeds and sacrifices of Michigan’s service members to life right here in Grass Lake.

Artifacts Wanted
We are currently seeking donations of artifacts ranging from uniforms and equipment to documents and photographs. These items will be used to tell the tale of the average Michigan service member in times of war and peace throughout the history of our state. All donations are fully tax deductible and will serve to honor the sacrifices made in defense of our great nation.  All items welcome, the more detail we can get the better we can represent the service of the donor or the donor’s family.

All Service Branches
We need items from all branches of service and all periods of service.

Remember that we are currently in the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, the 150th of the American Civil War, the 100th of WWI and the 50th of Vietnam.

Anyone interested in more information or making a donation should contact Marilyn O’Leary at
517-522-8324 to arrange an appointment.

Grass Lake – Where History Matters!

Government Taking Your Property May Have Limits

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Not too long ago in Michigan, a longtime grocer, Terry Dehko, had his bank accounts seized by IRS because they suspected him of being a money launderer.  The charges were never filed but Mr. Dehko had to spend a great deal of money to prove that the seized cash was not used in a criminal enterprise.

Under current law, agencies like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Justice (DOJ) may take property suspected to be in connection with a crime without charging, let alone convicting, the property owner of a crime.

Last year, The Federal Asset Forfeiture Fund collected more than $2 billion in 2013 from this  forfeiture policy.

In Washington, D.C., H.R. 5212 was introduced in response to several recent stories like Dehko’s involving innocent property owners having their property seized, and even sold by federal officials.

US Representative Tim Walberg has introduced H.R. 5212, the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act, which seeks to restore personal property rights under the Fifth Amendment and ensure due process of law by reforming civil forfeiture policy.

“In a country founded on principles of due process and property rights, we should not be promoting a system where an individual’s property may be seized without a finding of guilt. Reform to our civil asset forfeiture laws is necessary to ensure the federal government can no longer profit from the unjust seizure of property,” explained Rep. Walberg.

News and Ads from 1914, The Grass Lake News

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April, 1914
The Grass Lake News
HOUSE CLEANING TIME is just the time to brighten the home with new window shades, curtains or a new rug. We have green shades of a good quality, several beautiful patterns in curtain goods and some handsome 27 X 54 inch hit and miss rugs.
Don’t forget that we carry a full line of summer underwear for all ages and we have just received a shipment of men’s and boy’s fancy shirts and belts.
Ladies are especially invited to call and see the following goods just received: Dressing Sacques, House Dresses, Aprons, Kimonos, Undershirts (both silk and cotton), and also Children’s Dresses, Aprons, Rompers and Baby Bonnets.
The “Endwell” brand of shoes are going lively. Come in and we will fit you properly.
For Spring Coughs and Colds we have Dr. Burr’s Cough Syrup, Cough Drops, Quinine, Bromide Quinine, etc., etc.
Did you ever try Heinz’s Baked Beans? We have them with our without pork and with or without tomato sauce. We have a line of the Heinz goods and also Campbell’s Soups of different flavors.
HERE IS THE CAR FOR YOU-an OVERLAND MODEL 79 with Electric starter and lights, complete in every detail . . . . $1,075.
Without starter . . . .  $950.     TEMPLE GARAGE, opposite Masonic Temple. E.J. Foster,  Local Rep.
WALL-PAPER. A fine selection of decorations for your home at prices that are right. Come and look over our line before you buy. WINDOW-SHADES, A full line. Paper, Water Color and Oil. GRASS LAKE PHARMACY.
DR. WILKINSON, SPECIALIST -treats all Chronic Diseases and Ailments of Men and Women.  Asthma-I have cured many bad cases. If you will investigate what I have done for others you will begin treatment at once.  Cancer-Treated by X-Ray, Violet Ray and other methods. Have had 30 years’ experience in the treatment of cancers.
NERVOUS WRECKS-If you are despondent, depressed, dyspeptic, weak or worried, see me for relief.  Blood Poison-and resulting ailments treated by latest method. Diseases of Men-Consultation free and confidential. My method for curing all my own. Incurable cases not taken. Diseases of women-All womb and nervous ailments, ovarian and other tumors treated without the use of the knife. 408 Dwight Bldg. Jackson.  Mich.

A haywagon of thanks to
Linda Lockwood Hutchinson.

Yacht Club Celebrates 75 Years

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The wolf lake yacht club is celebrating their 75th anniversary this year. we have a founding member Mel Nichols still a member he is 95 years old. in may  the exponent newspaper in Brookyn did a story on him.

The Wolf Lake Festival sponsored by the Wolf Lake yacht club for their 75th anniversary will be held .August 9th noon-11pm. There will be a live band 4-10pm featuring “Angry Neighbors”, a pig roast with dinner being served 5-8pm,free pontoon rides, kids games and food from noon-4pm, beer and cocktails all day! Come over to the club by boat or car and enjoy the afternoon or have a date night and enjoy music, cocktails and dinner on the lake.

Grass Lake’s Flying Photographer Shoots Jackson County

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Dale Fisher (at work, above) known as ‘the Flying Photographer,’ has been flying via helicopter and on the ground capturing beautiful photographs of Jackson County communities. These photographs will soon be included in Fisher’s current project: “Jackson County: Visions of the Eagle.”

“Helicopter photography gives a distinctive perspective unmatched by photographs taken from airplanes or on the ground,” says Fisher.  Flying at the low altitudes made possible by helicopters gives these photographs a unique look.

This full-color, coffee-table style book will includes the history of Jackson County. The current culture and story of Jackson County will be revealed through images of our people, events, celebrations and festivals. Photographs from the air and ground will showcase business, industry and organizations within the profile and editorial pages.

Available June 2015, “Jackson County: Visions of the Eagle” will contain at least 176 pages. A minimum of 5,000 books will be printed. Books will retail for $45. The distribution will have a direct impact on Jackson’s economic development. Books will be given to every Chamber of Commerce and Convention Bureau in Michigan. All school libraries and guidance counselors in Jackson County will be given a book. Michigan’s public libraries will receive four books. Read More

Colby Parks Named to Dean’s List

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Colby Parks, of Grass Lake, Mich., been named to the Trine University dean’s list for the spring 2014 semester. Parks is a senior majoring in Communication.

To be eligible for the dean’s list, a student must have earned a semester grade point average of 3.5 to 3.749 and carry a minimum of 15 credits.

Founded in 1884, Trine University, of Angola, IN, offers associate, baccalaureate, and master degrees.   Trine operates a 450-acre main campus and centers throughout Indiana, Arizona and Michigan.