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Abandoned Puppies Fill Shelter

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During the last few weeks twenty-one newly-born puppies were abandoned by their owners and brought to Cascades Humane Society (CHS).

Noting the unprecedented number of puppies, CHS is seeking the community’s help in caring for and finding good homes for each puppy.

In three separate instances, the puppies were brought to CHS.  The first, an abandoned pregnant female (husky mix), gave birth to seven puppies just days after her arrival. No one has stepped forward to claim her or the puppies.

The second, three four-and-a-half week old puppies (Border Collie mix) – too young to be separated from their mother – were brought in.  Undernourished and weak, these pups went directly to a foster home and are being nurtured back to health.

And third, eleven three-week old puppies were abandoned in a Jackson-area home and brought to CHS.  These puppies are currently in foster homes.

Lisa Bonney, Executive Director at Cascades, shares, “We welcome each little puppy into our care. The needs of these newborns are intensely greater than the needs of older puppies or dogs. These pups will be with Cascades until they reach the age of eight weeks. This makes their stay almost three times longer than an adult animal.”

Already Cascades Humane Society  has invested over $5,250 in routine medical care.

Puppies will be available for adoption at Cascades Humane Society once they reach eight weeks of age, which will begin in early April. Individuals interested in adopting these puppies, or any cat or dog from Cascades, needs to complete an adoption application which can be found on the organization’s website, provide veterinarian records for any current pets, and pay an adoption fee.

Individuals wanting to help these puppies, and the other animals at Cascades, are able to make a financial donation by calling (517) 787-7387, online at, or stopping by CHS at 1515 Carmen Drive, Jackson.

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