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January, 2014


Happy New Year, 1914!

Waterloo Farm Museum and grounds, December, 2013.
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Waterloo Farm Museum and grounds, December, 2013.Welcome to 2014,  What were people talking about in Grass Lake one hundred years ago? Here are just a couple excerpts from the archives of The Grass Lake News.

Special Thanks to Linda Lockwood Hutchinson for transcribing the old newspapers!

New Grocery, January 1, 1914
On or about Jan. 1st, Mr. A.L. Hamill will open a grocery in the vacant store of the Beaman block. He has had this room thoroughly renovated, decorated and repainted and put in first class condition to receive his new and complete stock of groceries which he has purchased at remarkably low prices and means to give his patrons the benefit. He informs us that he does not expect to get rich out of the grocery business and his slogan will be Down with the high cost of living and has therefore adopted the name of the Cut Rate Grocery for his store and intends to live up to all the name implies. Mr. Hamill is not new in the grocery business as he spent several years of his early life behind the counter.

Take Up The White Man’s Burden, January 1, 1914
(This was the heading for an article that introduced a new pastor to Grass Lake in 1914.)  Read More