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Old News, October, 1913

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Killed by Wolverine Flyer, September, 1913
Rev. George McCallum, former pastor of the Leoni M.E. church, was instantly killed at nine thirty this morning at Leoni by Michigan Central train No.17, commonly known as the Wolverine Flyer. He was walking south and just as he approached the track, the flyer sped around the curve. With his head bowed, as was his custom, he walked directly in front of the train and his skull was crushed by the steam box on the locomotive. The train was stopped at once and the train-men found his body lying by the side of the track, close to where he had been struck. The skull was terribly crushed and both arms were broken.

It is difficult to account for the terrible accident. D.N. Hunter of Leoni, who was walking quite a distance back of Rev. McCallum, was the only eye witness. He says that the victim was walking slowly, his head dropped forward, as if in deep meditation, a characteristic pose, according to his friends. He was at a little distance from the track when the flyer rounded the curve. Despite the warning shriek of the whistle, he continued to walk forward and was about to step onto the track when struck. It is probable that he did not notice the train until it was upon him. There is a warning bell at the crossing but it is probable that it did not ring, as neighbors declared to the NEWS that it had not rung for two days previous, and it did not ring when trains passed later in the morning.

Rev. McCallum was pastor of the M.E. church in Leoni for three years, serving his charge successfully and winning a host of friends who sincerely mourn his untimely death. A year ago he was transferred to Webberville, where he had a spendid year and at the recent conference at Ypsilanti, he was returned to Webberville. His boyhood home was at DeFord in Tuscola county, where he had property. He had stopped in Leoni for a few days visit with friends and spent last night at the home of D.N. Hunter. It is supposed that he was on his way to call on the present pastor of the Leoni church, Rev. Horace Palmer, when he was killed. Rev. McCallum was sixty two years of age and leaves a wife and six daughters. (He was buried in Leoni Cemetery.)

Local and Personal, October 1913
Hon. Edward H. Butler, one of the most distinguished citizens of Buffalo, N. Y., was the guest of the Carletons on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Mr. Butler heads the Empire state’s delegation to the national good roads convention held at Detroit this week, before which body he delivered two addresses. He came here in an auto shipped to Detroit by steameer from Buffalo, and during his stay visited Grey Tower, which he pronounced one of the finest country seats to be found anywhere. Mr. Butler, who is a man of wide intelligence, owns the BUFFALO EVENING NEWS and is one of the city’s heaviest capitalists

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