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December, 2013


Landline Phones Hanging Up

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Senate Bill 636, Facilitate “land line” phone service transition to cell phones has passed in the Michigan senate, 31-4.  The bill is designed to streamline regulations on “landline” telephone service providers to facilitate transitioning customers to a wireless (cell phone or VOIP) system, and allow phone companies to discontinue landline service after 2016.

The bill authorizes appeal procedures for individual customers for whom the replacement service does not work well.

Jack McHugh with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

Electricity Rates Shocking in Michigan

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State Rep. Mike Shirkey introduced legislation on December 5, 2013 to create a competitive retail electricity market in Michigan, that would end the monopoly-style system that economists claim has cost Michigan job providers and families $3 billion since 2008. Read More

Student Artwork on Display at Local Restaurant

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Ella Sharp Museum’s Fall 2013 student artwork will be on exhibition at “In Good Company” restaurant through Thursday, January 2, 2014 for their Gallery Nights program.

In Good Company is located at 9039 S Meridian, Clarklake. For info: 517-529-9150

911 Grass Lake Times 1913

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Two Die In Auto Crash, 11 Sept. 1913
Friday afternoon about four thirty, Harry Endicott, noted auto racer, and Mary Saratta, a ten-year-old girl were instantly killed at Keeley Park at Jackson when Endicott’s machine threw a front tire and burst through the fence at the side of the track. Endicott’s mechanician, George Benedict, was seriously injured, as were Frances Hall, thirteen years of age, and Mrs. Mabel Walters, both of Jackson. The Saratta girl and the two injured women were spectators standing in the path of the uncontrolled auto. None of the injured will die. Endicott has driven cars in all the great races in the United States and had a large number of admirers. The races at Jackson on Sunday were well attended but the crowds were treated to nothing especially spectacular

Local and Personal, 1913
Owing to the severe cold and stormy weather the sale of A.W. Bagg was declared off until some future time but parties wanting any of these goods can buy them of Mr. Bagg at private sale any day
Earl Allen and Kimball Smith finished filling the large ice houses at Wolf Lake, Tues.
Revival meetings will be held every night next week at the Baptist church beginning at 7:15 o’clock. Everybody will have a cordial welcome. The meetings will be conducted by the pastor. There will be good singing. Everything is being done to make the meeting bright, interesting and convincing in things that are of God.
The open winter has not been particularly favorable for wheat and rye, although a crop not much below the average is hoped for. Complaint is made that some fields show spots that are winter killed. Experts say that fruit is coming through the winter all right.
Messrs. Cook and Hickman have just moved their saw mill to the vicinity of Portage Lake. They are sawing some 200,000 feet of lumber for the Cook estate. Quite a few farmers of that locality are taking advantage of the fact that the mill is located near them. The mill is set just south of the new bridge, recently constructed across the Portage river.
Some of the private carriage ways across the sidewalk on West Main street are covered with sand which incommodes pedestrians and ought to be removed.
More ice is being hauled away from Grass Lake this year than usual, and it is said this is the case at Wolf Lake also. Many farmers are housing the frigid product, which is becoming almost a necessity during the heated term.
The monthly Missionary meeting at the Congregational church parlors last Wednesday evening, was largely attended and the multitude enjoyed a fine dinner set before them by the ladies of the society. The topic discussed was Bulgaria and the Turkish war, led by Mrs. George Preston. Receipts $8.72.

Thanks to  Linda Lockwood Hutchinson

Shop the Copper Nail and Boost the Whistlestop Depot

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Mark your calendar-“Fund Day” at the Copper Nail to benefit the Grass Lake Depot is Saturday December 14th.

The ‘Nail always has special displays for every one’s shopping pleasure. This is a great opportunity to look for Christmas bargains, enjoy homemade cookies, be greeted by Depot members and support the Depot at the same time.

“Fund Day” sales are doubled and will be donated to the Depot by the Copper Nail. Many community non-profit organizations have received this support from The Nail-a true give-back to those organizations.

Shopping hours are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on December 14. The staff looks forward to greeting all shoppers on that date.

February, 1913 The Grass Lake News

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Local and Personal, 1913
Information received by friends here is that John Ford of the Soldiers’ Home of Grand Rapids, is seriously ill.
The South Leoni Farmers’ club has been postponed to Feb. 15 on account of the death of Mrs. Schofield.
Fine stock, machinery, harness, corn, oats, cornfodder, etc. at the L.C. Watkins sale Feb. 18. Sales begin at 10 o’clock. Good lunch served at noon.
W.W. Boland arrived at Grey Tower last Saturday and on  Sunday left for Iowa to look after his railroad interests in that state. The Bolands, it is said, will spend the last weeks of winter at Palm Beach, Fla. Read More

Closing of Smelter Won’t Hurt Ammo Supply- Or will it?

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A run on ammunition prior to the election of an anti-gun president caused ongoing shortages across the nation, and the recent announcement of the closing of the country’s only lead smelter in Missouri has fueled unfounded speculation on continued shortfalls and higher costs.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decision to close the smelter for failing to meet air quality standards will not slow the country’s ammunition supply. Read More