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June, 2013


Grass Lake Community Scholarships

Grass Lake Graduation2012: from the Grass Lake Times archive photo
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The Grass Lake Community Scholarships are awarded each year to deserving Grass Lake applicants.  To qualify for an award, a student must fill out an application  that includes the question: “What will you do/have done for the Grass Lake Community that makes you deserving of this scholarship? and “What memorable characteristics will you leave as a legacy to Grass Lake?”

The funding for these scholarships comes from local families.

The Community Scholarship Fund  committee of community members  reviews applications to match the applicants with the persons who are being remembered that year. The “winners” are announced at the Senior Awards Night and at graduation. Interested parties can contact Sandy Wolfinger at GLHS, Betty Rice, Chris Sherwood, or Linda Hutchinson.

Walter & Elsie Kalmbach  $500  Walter Kalmbach was a local banker and his wife, Elsie, taught school here for many years. Their daughter, Phyllis, a 1948 graduate of GLHS, still lives in Francisco. This scholarship was awarded to Emily Walters, daughter of Charles and Melissa Walters. Emily plans to attend MSU to study Business/Marketing and Statistics. Read More

Collin Keener Named Leo of the Year

Leo Award 2013 016
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Leo Award 2013 016The governor of the Lion’s Club awarded the Leo of the Year award to Grass Lake Leo Collin Keener (above on left). The award ceremony also honored  graduating seniors Lindsay Marshall, Reed Whitley, and Samantha Lee.

Keener is this year’s president of the Grass Lake Leos Club that is sponsored by the Lions Club International of Grass Lake.

photo by Lion Jennifer Keener

School’s Out Foam Out at Grass Lake

Grad dance and shaving cream fight 2013 100
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photos by Jennifer Keener

Grad dance and shaving cream fight 2013 100

Middle Schoolers in Grass Lake Foam in Summer Vacay

Middle Schoolers in Grass Lake Foam in Summer Vacay

Local and Personal May 15, 1913

Close up of 1874 woodcutting J. Clark Farm, Grass Lake Michigan.
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Close up of 1874 woodcutting J. Clark Farm, Grass Lake Michigan.

Close up of 1874 woodcutting J. Clark Farm, Grass Lake Michigan.

Warrants for the arrest of 11 of the principle druggists of Jackson for the illegal selling of liquor were issued Monday. The complaint in each case was made by the Jackson Ministerial association.

Last Friday afternoon fire destroyed the house of Charles Miles on Wimple street and which was occupied by James MacDonald and family. Most of the household goods were saved.

Everett Rowe, while riding his pony this morning in front of J. Fred Rohrer’s residence, was struck by the 6:45 Boland car and slightly injured. His pony became frightened and backed in front of the car.

Local and Personal, March 13,1913
Nine members of the Girls Sewing Circle met with Miss Mabel Myers last Monday evening. A most enjoyable evening was spent. Refreshments were served.

Sunday evening the Rev. Mr. Skinner of Jackson will speak on Local Option at the Baptist church. He comes highly recommended as a man who knows what he is talking about and knows how to put it. A cordial welcome is extended the public to these meetings.

The ladies of the M.E. church will hold their St. Patrick Bazaar in the Town Hall, Monday, March 17, afternoon and evening. Ice cream and wafers, home-made candies, sandwiches, coffee and doughnuts will be served. A fine lot of fancy and practical articles will be put on sale.

A meeting of the directors of the Home Telephone Co. was held Tuesday. $2,500 was added to the stock. This stock is eagerly sought for by investors and is proving most valuable to the stockholders. It will not be long that stock can be had at par. The following directors were elected: Henry Schofield, H.H. Mellencamp, Sr., Wm. H. Lockwood, Menzo Conklin, Nelman F. Wing and the following are officers: Pres. H. Schofield, VP H.H. Mellencamp, Sr., and Sec’y Nelman F. Wing.

One of today’s news items describes an attempt by Chicago thugs to blow up a watchman by dynamite. Angered at finding no money in the safe they had just opened, they placed a lighted charge of explosive under the chair in which they had bound the helpless watchman, whose life was saved only by the accidental going out of the fuse. Such a degree of diabolical wickedness almost surpasses belief, yet there are people, apparently sane and well meaning who maintain that crime is not an offense to be punished, but a moral shortcoming that ought to be treated like a disease. We wonder how such penologists would act if the Chicago case were put before them.

Wednesday someone poisoned a valuable English bull pup owned by Dr. Olthouse. The doctor valued the dog very highly and cannot conceive why anyone should want to put him out of the way.

Thanks to  Linda Lockwood Hutchinson

When Is It Time?

Thank you for an interesting 2010!
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by CJ’s Grass Lake Grandmother

The appointment with the vet is on Tuesday.  One last weekend for us to show Hope, our 14-year-old mixed breed dog, how much she is loved.  Hope is a German Shepherd mix and is really showing and feeling her age.  She has huge fatty deposits that just hang on her and seem to grow in size and number.  She can barely get up from a lying position and when she does she stands and shakes for a while, taking some time to recover from the effort.  She no longer cowers in fear with thunderstorms, but that is only because her hearing is so bad she can’t hear the clap of thunder. Read More

Warrior Mascot Challenge Tossed

Grass Lake Warrior
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Some Michigan schools will not be forced to change their mascots under a ruling issued Monday, June 3, by the U. S. Department of Education.The federal department rejected a petition from the Department of Civil Rights asking that Native American mascots be banned.

When was Grass Lake High School’s nickname changed from Lakers to Warriors?

At the Eddy Discovery Center in June

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Arrows Away. June 13, 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eddy Discovery Center, Chelsea, MI 48118. Learn a traditional outdoor skill through fun, safe instruction. Equipment provided. Age 8 and up. Cost: Free.

Hook, Line and Sinker. June 14, 6 p.m. Crooked Lake Fishing Pier, Waterloo Recreation Area.
Learn to fish, at any age, with a few fun activities to enhance your skills. Casting, knot tying, fish ID, and bait selection will be covered. Poles, tackle and bait provided. Adults, 17 and over, must have a valid fishing license. Cost: Free.

Kayaking 101. June 15, 11 a.m. Portage Lake Day Use Beach. Learn basic paddle strokes, technique, and safety. Limited to 9 participants. Age 12 and older. Call (734)475-3170 for reservations or questions. Cost: Free.

Kayaking 101. June 15, 2 p.m. Mill Lake Boat Launch. Learn basic paddle strokes, technique, and safety. Limited to 9 participants. Age 12 and older. Call (734)475-3170 for reservations or questions. Cost: Free.