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Warrior, Writer, PhD, New Church Leader

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A new pastor has taken the lead at the Grass Lake United Methodist Church.

Reverend Den Slattery, BS, MS, PhD, a Jackson native, Vietnam vet and author conducted an outside Sunday service in the shade recently  and introduced himself to over 200 worshippers.

Den is a retired Methodist pastor with thirty-two years in the ministry. For sixteen of those years Den served as an Army Chaplain. He also did two tours of duty in Vietnam-first with the Marines as a grunt, and then with the Army working on helicopter avionics. He has a BA Degree in Psychology from Spring Arbor University, a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Anderson University, a Master of Divinity Degree from Anderson School of Theology, and a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Den and his wife Karen have four children. Their youngest Holly (17) still lives at home, but  the others have all married and moved away.

Kristin, a Spring Arbor graduate, lives with her husband in Jacksonville, Florida.

Darcy has been working as a missionary seven years, the last four serving in India. She recently married.

DJ graduated from Spring Arbor University. He lives in Ludington with his wife Hannah and their son Benjamin and works for Gerber.

Karen is a teacher with a BA from Spring Arbor University and a Master’s Degree in Deaf Education from Ball State.

Slattery’s life has taken many dramatice changes. As a nineteen-year-old fresh Marine in Vietnam, he was pinned down in a rice paddy, only inches below direct fire. As bullets shredded rice stalks around him he wondered, What was the purpose of life? Is there a God? His questions persisted after surviving his baptism under fire. Weeks later, two men from his unit gave him a Bible, saying that the answers he sought were in it.  He began reading and studying the book and was moved by the truth it spoke to him.

Slattery’s passion is evangelism, he has done short term missions in a dozen countries. He also loves to teach Bible, history, writing, and outdoor survival. Den is the author of 11 books and hopes to write at least 21.

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