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February, 2012


My Weapons from Birth to Ten

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When I was ten years old in the mid 1960s, I acquired my brother’s hand me down BB guns.  They were a fine addition to my pint-sized collection. My first gun was a toy double barreled cork gun. The corks had two-foot lengths of string stapled to them and secured to the rib below the barrels.  Each barrel had its own trigger and made a delightful “blat” when fired.  I was only four but remember the first time I listened to a LP record of Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf.” I was holding the album cover and saw that the little boy Peter  was carrying the same cork gun as I had. It was an immediate bond. We were kindred spirits, and from then on I have enjoyed classical music and woodwinds. Read More

2012 Starting Strong for Grass Lake Chamber

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Dignitaries at the Chamber Business meeting/dinner January 28, 2012.

According to the Grass Lake Area Chamber of Commerce acting executive director Tom Nolte, there are over 50 businesses signed up for the March 24-25 business exposition compared to a dozen  registrations this time last year.

Nolte was addressing the crowd of over 80 members and guests at the chamber’s annual dinner and business meeting on Saturday, January 28, 2012.

A sumptuous dinner catered by Bungies Catering of Grass Lake was held at Dale Fisher’s Photographic Arts Gallery and Reception hall on Norvell Road.

A presentation by Brett Crawford, PhD of Eastern Michigan University and a Grass Lake resident,  presented resources for solutions to our business and economic problems. Local Chambers of Commerce are part of the largest business promoting organization in the world.

To sign up for the 2012 Business Expo or learn more about the chamber, visit