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Monday, November 7th, 2011


Strange Animals

Fall Colors, the flush of a bird, being afield again
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Unusual animals attracted plenty of attention on the farm I grew up on and many left lasting impressions.

One crisp school day morning in late November my older sister Patrice came in from doing her morning chores. As she closed the door and looked back across the yard, she saw a red fox standing in the open and watching her. The fox was in the pasture, near the gate.

“Hey, look at that fox!” she announced to the rest of us. My twin sister Amy and I looked at each other across the dinner table and raised our eyebrows. Our father was at the end of the table, having his coffee and listening to Bud Guest on WJR radio.  He reached to the radio, turned down the volume and got up from his captains chair that creaked loudly in the sudden silence. “Let’s take a look, have the dogs seen it?” he asked. The fox was only yards away from the dog pen holding two of his bird dogs. Our yard dogs, left unleashed, were curled up outside by the same door Patrice came in. They had followed her up to the house and were waiting to escort us to the end of the driveway when the bus arrived. It was part of the regular routine on school days.

Dad looked out and sure enough, a red fox was standing there, tail down and head held low, just below the shoulders. “That’s not normal for a fox to do that, something’s wrong with it,” observed Dad.  Mom and the rest of us crowded behind dad to see it.

Being almost the end of deer season, it was not uncommon for a 12 gauge shotgun to be at the ready by the back door. The slugs were kept on a shelf above the coat rack, the brass, red and black shells lined up like soldiers waiting orders. No sooner had he finished speaking  when he grabbed two shells and loaded his Remington, closing the pump action in a smooth and fluid metallic “schlick.” Read More

Festival of Lights Parade December 3

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Get the floats ready! The annual Festival of lights is Saturday, December 3.  The parade will begin at 5:00pm, Floats and walkers are asked to line up at the BP Buddy mini-mart at 4:30pm.  There is $5.00 entrance fee and this will go towards first, second and third place winners.  Use of lights and staying with the theme “Joys of Christmas” will help your float earn points.

You may NOT have a Santa on your float and they may not be self-propelled.  There will only be one Santa and he will be at the end of the parade.

To sign up,  please fill out the form below and send with your $5.00 entrance fee to Designs by Judy- 3250 Wolf LakeRoad Grass Lake, MI 49240.
If you have questions you can contact Jennifer Crouch at 517-522-5050.

October 18, 2011 Regular Village Council meeting minutes

Welcome to the Village of Grass Lake
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October 18, 2011                                               REGULAR MEETING

President R. Walz called the regular meeting of the village council to order at 7:30 p.m. Members present, Sherwood, Fearer, D. DeBoe, R. Walz, Shelhart, J. DeBoe and Jones.  Also present Brian Sturgill, Mike Fearer, and Marilyn Troyer. Public present Joe Michner, Gary Sternaman, Rick Mead and Shannon Maynard.
Pledge by All
Agenda: Motion by Shelhart to adopt the agenda, second Jones. All in favor, motion carried.
Minutes: Clerk read the minutes of the October 4, 2011 regular meeting. Discussion. Motion by D. DeBoe to accept the minutes with changes, second Fearer. All in favor, motion carried Read More

After Brawl with Ex, Woman Flees, Hits Cop

Jackson Sheriffs logoCar
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Early Friday evening, October 28, 2011 an angry woman was arrested, stopping a  crime spree that included ramming her car into a police car.

Jackson County deputies were investigating a Domestic Assault complaint in the 400 block of 23rd street in Summit Township.

Prior to the Deputies arrival, the suspect, a 34-year-old Jackson woman had left the scene.  The woman had physically assaulted her ex-husband and his girlfriend prior to leaving.

Within 15 minutes, Deputy Tom Jaakkola and a Reserve Deputy located the woman driving on 23rd Street near Washington Avenue in Jackson.   Deputy Jaakkola flicked on the emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop. When she saw the flashing lights, the suspect then threw the car into reverse and  started driving backwards, southbound on 23rd Street.  After traveling 500 feet, she left the roadway and struck a mailbox and then a steel post.  Dep. Jaakkola pulled in front of her vehicle to end the chase when she floored it and struck the patrol car causing minor damage.

Deputies approached the car and the women struggled and resisted and attempted to drive away.

Deputies drew and discharged a TASER, subduing the suspect, allowing them to remove the keys from the ignition.  The angry and abusive woman was eventually placed into custody.

There were no major injuries to anyone involved in this incident.  The suspect is currently lodged at the Jackson County Jail pending charges of Felonious Assault, Domestic Assault and Operating While Impaired charges.

11-0 Warriors on Crusade, Take on Constantine Saturday

2011 District Champions - Grass Lake High School football
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by  Alex Weddon, editor

Undefeated and on a roll, the Grass Lake Varsity football team played like champions against the Leslie Blackhawks on Friday, November 4, 2011.

The Warriors faced the Blackhawks for the second time in three weeks for the division 6 District Championship. The earlier game against Leslie was a thriller. Talk  was of a tough team coming back to town.

Grass Lake scored first with an unusual call, a field goal attempt, a forty yarder to boot, with three and a half minutes left in the first quarter.  Warrior kicker Corey Robbinett cooly plunked the ball between the uprights.

After that, the team and the home crowd was sorely tested.  The Warriors were down 16-3 at the half.

Could the home court advantage in Bechtel statdium standup against a revenge driven team?

Leslie started the second half with plenty of steam, returning the opening kickoff for 90 yards and a score.

Down 22-3,  The Warriors went to Kevin Fisher to cap long drives with two TDs in the third quarter.
Starting the fourth down by five, 22-17, the Warriors fought their way to the Blackhawks 3 yard line before losing a fumble at the 8 minute mark.

Now it was the Leslie team that owned the field, keeping possession until having to punt with two and a half minutes to go in the championship game. The kick pinned the Warriors back on their own 13.

QB Logan Konopka burned off a minute to move his team to the 34 yard line and called receiver Jordan Adam’s number.  In a now legendary catch, Adams made the grab and the go ahead score by the thinnest of margins, just tagging the TD pylons.

With under a minute left, Leslie wasn’t finished, firing away with three end zone passes from Grass Lake’s 18 yard line, the third shot intercepted by sticky fingered Adams.

It was another remarkable win for the Grass Lake Warriors. The team plays at home on Saturday at 1 pm against Constantine.