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Tuesday, October 11th, 2011


The Homecoming Sweep

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There is little written evidence of one of the most remarkable winning streaks in all of high school. I had the privilege of graduating with a class that won every homecoming float competition of my four year stretch in high school. How was it  that a lowly freshman class overcame obstacles and various sorts of legalities to win? And then to continue the streak in the face of facultative animosity warrants more than a  mention in the district’s school board minutes.

The football season coincided with a adolescent rut that a majority of my  classmates suffered during the days before CD’s and unleaded fuel. With the new class year came new shapes and interests for ninth graders. Middle school teachers will say that in today’s classrooms, they see it in 8th and even 7th grades. The CO2 from the constant chatter and small talk may explain the increase in global darkening this time of year.  Whatever the case, “A chance to impress was a chance,” we all felt, so when it came time for a pride filled activity like homecoming, volunteers were never a problem. Staying focused was the problem.   Read More