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Grass Lake News 1912

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August 1912
Archie Rupert Assaulted, August 1, 1912
Last Saturday evening Perry Coppernoll was arrested for assault and battery on Archie Rupert. Rupert and Coppernoll have been at swords point for some time. Coppernoll is accused by some of stealing up on Rupert from behind and assaulting him, and after Rupert was down he kicked him in the face and body. The fight took place in front of Ernst Strassburger’s harness shop. It is expected that Coppernoll will stand trial Aug. 6.

June Deaths, August 1, 1912, Lansing, Mich.
There were 2852 deaths reported to the secretary of state during June, a decrease of 440 deaths as compared with May and an increase of 251 deaths over the month of June 1911. There were 468 deaths of infants under one year of age; 142 deaths of children aged one to four years; and 890 deaths of elderly persons aged 65 years and over.

Important causes of death were as follows: Pulmonary tuberculosis, 178; other forms of tuberculosis, 40; typhoid fever, 42; diphtheria, 32; scarlet fever, 12; measles, 17; whooping cough, 18.  There were 5,270 births during June, an increase of 127 births as compared with the month preceding.

Prison Escape, Niles, Mich., July 28
Six prisoners gained their liberty by sawing the bars of an outside transom at police headquarters. On account of overcrowded conditions they were put in an outside corridor. Other prisoners locked in cells who witnessed the delivery say the job was done by Charley Harris of Detroit, arrested Saturday night on a charge of drunk and disorderly. The men had been gone several minutes before being discovered, and although the local police and sheriff’s forces started a search immediately, none has been captured. They were all awaiting trial for petty offenses.

Lifeless Body, Bay City, Mich., August 1
William H. Bishop, aged 25, employed as a lineman by the Michigan State Telephone company, was electrocuted yesterday afternoon, while working on top of a pole. A telephone wire came in contact with the wires of the Bay City Traction Company. Bishop’s body hung lifeless on the pole for half an hour before the current was shut off by the firemen. Bishop had been working for the telephone company but a short time. His home is at Coldwater

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