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Local Official Gets Cranky

On the Road by Marissa Swartz
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On August 11, 2011 Mike Fensler drove his 1925 Model T Ford to a noon meeting at the township offices.

After the meeting ended two hours later, he tried to start the car and it would barely turn over (it has the optional starter, which Ford provided as an $85 extra at the time). He then hand cranked it (all Model T Fords, from 1908-1927, had a hand crank built in, whether or not they had a self-starter). The classic car started, but then stalled. Fensler cranked several more times with no success. At that point, Diane DeBoe offered to take Fensler to get his battery charger. When she came out of the office with her car keys, she said, “Here’s a Model T guy. Maybe he can help?”

That “guy” told Mike to retard the spark,  and then gave the crank a half turn, and those 20 horses came right to life!

Apparently Fensler’s technique was a little off the whole time.

That “Model T guy” is Jim Stormont, our Township Supervisor, who can now add a new item to his job description.

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