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August, 2011


Grass Lake News 1912

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August 1912
Archie Rupert Assaulted, August 1, 1912
Last Saturday evening Perry Coppernoll was arrested for assault and battery on Archie Rupert. Rupert and Coppernoll have been at swords point for some time. Coppernoll is accused by some of stealing up on Rupert from behind and assaulting him, and after Rupert was down he kicked him in the face and body. The fight took place in front of Ernst Strassburger’s harness shop. It is expected that Coppernoll will stand trial Aug. 6.

June Deaths, August 1, 1912, Lansing, Mich.
There were 2852 deaths reported to the secretary of state during June, a decrease of 440 deaths as compared with May and an increase of 251 deaths over the month of June 1911. There were 468 deaths of infants under one year of age; 142 deaths of children aged one to four years; and 890 deaths of elderly persons aged 65 years and over.

Important causes of death were as follows: Pulmonary tuberculosis, 178; other forms of tuberculosis, 40; typhoid fever, 42; diphtheria, 32; scarlet fever, 12; measles, 17; whooping cough, 18.  There were 5,270 births during June, an increase of 127 births as compared with the month preceding.

Prison Escape, Niles, Mich., July 28
Six prisoners gained their liberty by sawing the bars of an outside transom at police headquarters. On account of overcrowded conditions they were put in an outside corridor. Other prisoners locked in cells who witnessed the delivery say the job was done by Charley Harris of Detroit, arrested Saturday night on a charge of drunk and disorderly. The men had been gone several minutes before being discovered, and although the local police and sheriff’s forces started a search immediately, none has been captured. They were all awaiting trial for petty offenses.

Lifeless Body, Bay City, Mich., August 1
William H. Bishop, aged 25, employed as a lineman by the Michigan State Telephone company, was electrocuted yesterday afternoon, while working on top of a pole. A telephone wire came in contact with the wires of the Bay City Traction Company. Bishop’s body hung lifeless on the pole for half an hour before the current was shut off by the firemen. Bishop had been working for the telephone company but a short time. His home is at Coldwater

Thanks to Linda Lockwood Hutchinson

Local Official Gets Cranky

On the Road by Marissa Swartz
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On August 11, 2011 Mike Fensler drove his 1925 Model T Ford to a noon meeting at the township offices.

After the meeting ended two hours later, he tried to start the car and it would barely turn over (it has the optional starter, which Ford provided as an $85 extra at the time). He then hand cranked it (all Model T Fords, from 1908-1927, had a hand crank built in, whether or not they had a self-starter). The classic car started, but then stalled. Fensler cranked several more times with no success. At that point, Diane DeBoe offered to take Fensler to get his battery charger. When she came out of the office with her car keys, she said, “Here’s a Model T guy. Maybe he can help?”

That “guy” told Mike to retard the spark,  and then gave the crank a half turn, and those 20 horses came right to life!

Apparently Fensler’s technique was a little off the whole time.

That “Model T guy” is Jim Stormont, our Township Supervisor, who can now add a new item to his job description.

Jackson County Fair Fun

fair trampoline ride_4231
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fair trampoline ride_4231Herb Willett of Vicksburg, MI, leaps and somersaults on a tethered trampoline at the Jackson County Fair on Wednesday, August 10, 2011.

Fair Features Grass Lake’s 4H Farmer Commandoes

Grass Lake 4H club member Kellie Wirpio and her Harlequin Rabbit
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haileeshoemakerlamb4216  4H Club member of the Grass Lake Farmer Commandoes Hailee Shoemaker (above) of Grass Lake and her market lamb at the Jackson County Fair.

Grass Lake 4H club member Kellie Wirpio and her Harlequin RabbitThe Grass Lake Farmer Commandoe 4H Club showed their talents during this year’s Jackson County Fair last week. Shown with her buck Harlequin rabbit is club member Kellie Wirpio of Grass Lake on Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Jessica Sherwood and her steer at the 2011 Jackson County Fair Earl the steer and owner Jessica Sherwood of the Grass Lake Farmer Commandoes.

kaylabednarski4219 4H Farmer Commandoe Kayla Bednarski shows off her two market lambs at the Jackson County Fair on Wednesday, August 10, 2011    photos by Alex Weddon


Festival of Tables October 8

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The Grass Lake Educational Foundation (GLEF) is planning its inaugural “Festival of Tables” fundraiser for Saturday, October 8th, 2011.

On the schedule for the night are silent and live auctions, raffles, a strolling dinner of fine cuisine, and more fun activities.

In order to make this event successful, the Foundation is asking for small to large items for the auctions.

Individuals can also “purchase” a table for eight for $235.00 if you decorate, or $275.00 for a table of eight if we decorate for you.

Sponsors are being sought to support this fundraiser. For more information go to .


Welcome to the Village of Grass Lake
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July 19, 2011

President R. Walz called the regular meeting of the village council to order at 7:30 p.m. Members present Sherwood, Fearer, R. Walz, Shelhart, J. DeBoe and Jones. Absent D. DeBoe. Also present Brian Sturgill, Marilyn Troyer, Nolte and Dunham. Public present M. Fearer, Dave Wilcox, Gina Lammers, John Molnar, Mike Fensler, Janey Bisard, Jennifer Keener, Dustin Krazny and Shannon Maynard.
Pledge by All
Agenda: Motion by Shelhart to adopt the agenda, second J. DeBoe. All present in favor, motion carried.
Minutes: Clerk read the minutes of the July 5, 2011 regular meeting. Motion by Shelhart to accept the minutes as read, second Fearer. All present in favor, motion carried
Zoning Administrators Report- Mike Fearer was present. Nothing is going on at this time.
Treasurer’s Report-Marilyn Troyer was present, she asked when the sewer rates were to increase, new rates start August 1, 2011. Motion by Fearer to accept the treasurer’s report all funds total $223,556.95, second Sherwood. All present in favor, motion carried. Absent D. DeBoe.
Police Report: Deputy Sturgill was present and council reviewed his written report. Deputy Sturgill reported no problems on the 4th of July and the July 3rd street dance went well. The boat races went well as well, no problems. Everything is set for coverage the night of the Traffic Jam In. Motion by J. DeBoe to accept the report and pay the bill of $4,160.00, second Fearer. All present in favor, motion carried. Absent D. DeBoe.
Correspondence: Letter from Broadstripe, on Aug. 9th Channel 5 will change to a Canadian station. D. DeBoe had copies of the recent articles on the sewer rate increase that was in the paper.
Public–Gina Lammers was present to thank the village for all the support for the Jam In and she presented the final layout for the event. There will be more games for the kids, a 5K run and food vendors. Dustin Krazny was present from Congressman Walberg’s ofc. He talked about the current issue of the debt ceiling. He also discussed the town hall meeting that was held in the village office, there will be a couple more town hall meetings in the area the first part of August. Questions focused on the debt ceiling and how Congressman Walberg may vote on the issue.
Maintenance- Dunham reported the barn roof was done at the DPW. He had a company come in and sand blast the graffiti off of Michigan Ave.
Committee Reports- Nolte would like to meet with the parks committee this week. They will meet on Friday at 10 a.m. Nothing on the G.L Community Wellness Initiative this week.
Old Business.
AT & T- R. Walz had recent correspondence from Marc Daneman regarding the new lease between the village and AT& T. Clerk copied it to council. The newest proposal is $20,000 per year month with a 15% increase every five years. They are not interested in getting Wi-Fi in the village. R. Walz thinks this agreement is going to be the best we can get. Discussion of the length of the agreement. R. Walz will get a copy to our attorney and see what he thinks.
New Business.None
Village Managers Report- Nolte had nothing at this time.
Pending Business-Nolte wants to have more cleaned up at 321 W. Michigan before he releases the insurance money to them.
Adjournment: Motion by Sherwood to adjourn, second J. DeBoe. All present in favor, motion carried. 8:14 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Estelle Mead, Clerk

JCF Scholarships to Grass Lake Grads

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A talented and dedicated group of students from Jackson County earned scholarships totaling over $154,500 from the Jackson Community Foundation. The Board of Trustees extends congratulations to those graduates of Grass Lake High School sharing in the awards:

Alexander D. Boley
Grass Lake High School, 2010
College: Jackson Community College, Major: CIS
Marvin W. and Rosaline A. Brandau Scholarship Endowment Fund, $2000
Marissa N. Swartz
Grass Lake High School, 2011
College: Grand Valley State University, Major: Political Science
William and Beatrice Kavanaugh Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund, $1000

Paige A. Lammers
Grass Lake High School, 2011
College: Jackson Community College, Major: Special Education
June Danby & Pat Pearse Education Scholarship Endowment Fund, $1000.