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May, 2011


Girls Fight for Softball Championship

Conference Champions, not in order: Melissa Baker, Krystal Wirpio, Jamie Willis, Chelsea Evans, Tori Edwards, Kyndle Wolfinger, Kari Ellis, Sydney Rubingh, Kellyn Herendeen, Christy Broderick, Lizzie Pine and Senior Breanne Vosters. The Champs are flanked by coaches Roger Cook on left and Scott Willis. photo by Hillary Edwards
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Conference Champions, not in order: Melissa Baker, Krystal Wirpio, Jamie Willis, Chelsea Evans, Tori Edwards, Kyndle Wolfinger, Kari Ellis, Sydney Rubingh, Kellyn Herendeen, Christy Broderick, Lizzie Pine and Senior Breanne Vosters. The Champs are flanked by coaches  Roger Cook on left and Scott Willis.                                       photo by Hillary EdwardsThe Grass Lake Softball team won the 2011 Cascades Conference Championship Tuesday night on the home field of a tough Michigan Center team.  The Lady Warriors battled Michigan Center and Mother Nature every inning of the double header.  The sweep over the Cardinals delivered back to back conference championship honors to Grass Lake.
Heavy rains and wind stopped the first game in the second inning. A sacrifice bunt by Krystal Wirpio scored Chelsea Evans for the fourth run when play resumed. With the Ladies out front, 4-0, the Michigan Center girls scratched out three runs in the nail-biting fourth inning. Chelsea Evans had five strike outs through 4 and 2/3 innings before Krystal Wirpio was called to the mound with the bases loaded. A pressure packed fly ball was snagged by Grass Lake, stranding Cardinal runners at all the bases.  With the score 4-3 in the seventh inning,  Michigan Center threatened again with runners at second and third. Warrior windmill wizard  Wirpio cooly whipped up a strikeout to end the inning and preserve the lead for the win.

In the second game against Michigan Center Tuesday, the ladies scored two in the first and pitcher Krystal Wirpio held the Cardinals scoreless until the seventh when they tallied a run, but is wasn’t enough, giving the Grass Lake team sole possession of the title.  Kyndle Wolfinger, Kellyn Herendeen and Tori Edwards each had two hits to lead the Warriors.

The team, finished with a 12-2 division record, and 19-6  overall in a season with many weather postponed or cancelled games.   Post season play begins this weekend.Guns of Lady Warrior

Village Council Meeting of May 10, 2011

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President Rodney V. Walz called the regular meeting of the Village Council to order at 7:30 p.m. Members present Sherwood, Fearer, D. DeBoe, R. Walz, Jones, Shelhart and J. DeBoe. Also present Nolte and Dunham. Public present Christina Breed and Shannon Maynard.
Pledge by All
Agenda- Motion by Shelhart to adopt the agenda, second J. DeBoe. All in favor, motion carried.
Minutes- Clerk read the minutes of the April 19, 2011 regular meeting. Discussion. Motion by Shelhart to accept the minutes of the regular meeting as read, second Jones. All in favor, motion carried.
Bills- Clerk presented the bills for the month of May. R. Walz asked about the bill for sewer repairs in the township. Nolte said the township would be billed for that repair. Discussion. Motion by J. DeBoe to pay the bills of $29,781.29, second Sherwood. All in favor, motion carried.
Maintenance- Dunham was present. He reported that the storage shed at 132 Clark St. needs a new roof. They are getting prices now. R. Walz wants to get a price for metal, that wouldn’t have to be replaced for 30+ years. Discussion.
Public: Christina Breed stated that she really enjoys the landscaping along the west end of Michigan Ave.
Correspondence-Chelsea Area Wellness Foundation info. Consumers Energy information regarding streetlights. Consumers can no longer repair the old mercury lights. R. Walz wants to take a look at LED lighting. Nolte has been working on the upgrading of
the lights in the village hall. The estimate is around $2000 but with Consumers Energy rebate program it would bring the cost down
to $237. He has also been working on lighting for the parking lot off  Lake St., the library and the DPW. Jackson District Library newsletter. Postal service information copied to council as well. The carriers will be moving into the post office in Jackson. Those
who have post office boxes need to make sure their post office box number is on all mail. Anything without will be sent back to the Jackson office as undeliverable. Melissa Shelhart had a request of council to close Michigan Ave. on July 3rd for a street dance. She
would like to close the street from 7:00 p.m. till Midnight. Discussion. Motion by Fearer to close Michigan Ave. from 7:00 p.m. till midnight on July 3rd for a street dance, second Jones. Discussion. All in favor, motion carried.
Committee Reports: Nolte reported that Mr. McVay is working on the drawing of the county park. The committee won’t meet again until they have something back from him. Nolte is currently working on a Water Resource Development Authority and hopes to be able to have a public hearing sometime in July.
Old Business.
Variance 715 S. Union St.-Kathy Johnson has applied for a variance for the property at 715 S. Union St. The hearing has been set for May 17th at 7:00 p.m. Council will be meeting as the Zoning Board of Appeals.
321 W. Michigan Ave.-Council had received the letter from the attorney, however the property owner has already taken the structure down. Nolte will check with the attorney as to whether or not the court order includes the removal of the rubble.
AT & T-Nolte gave everyone the new proposal from AT&T for the lease of the water tower for antennas. R. Walz wants a better rate.
No Prisoners-DPW-.Nolte told council that the prisoners will only be available if the village is prepared to pay the salary of the guard. That would be $96,000 if you want a crew. Nolte has in the budget money set aside. Nolte wants to hire Brent Jones at $11.50 per hour approximately $275 per week. He would like to get him the necessary training to transition him into the DPW when Dunham retires. He has gotten an opinion from the attorney that Jones could stay on the council as long as he abstains from any salary discussion. D. DeBoe questioned whether there may be others in the area that may be qualified and give them the opportunity to apply for the position as well. Discussion. Council directed the clerk to place an ad in the local paper.
New Business.
Spring Cleaning Day-Clerk has contacted Modern Waste. We can have the spring cleaning day on May 21, 2011. Clerk wanted to
know if we want to limit the size of the trash set out to the road. Council wants to keep it the same as last year.
Lawn Mower-Dunham had two quotes for new mowers. One is from Dakins Yard N Garden for $12,600. The other is from Napoleon Lawn and Leisure for $12,875. Nolte will check with the bank about financing. Nolte had budgeted $5000 for this purchase.
D.DeBoe suggested checking with American 1 on financing as well. Sherwood left at 8:53 p.m.Village Preserve Easement-The Village Preserve neighborhood association wants to give the village the easement that includes the storm water runoff area that has tiles for drainage. This is the only common area in their site condo project. D. DeBoe asked why thevillage would want the easement which is a liability. Discussion. R. Walz suggested an easement on the east side of the neighborhood that could be used to install a water line over to Burtch Rd. and make a loop as he wanted to do years ago. Nolte will contact the association to see if they would be interested in giving the village the easement.
Small Town Survival Conference-Nolte copied to council the Helping Small Towns Succeed 2011 National Conference info. The Rural Partners of Michigan are giving scholarships for those Michigan residents interested in attending. This is a unique opportunity
as this conference doesn’t come to Michigan often. If anyone is interested let Nolte know soon.
Village Managers Report- Nolte let council know that the Leoni Regional Utility Authority is not dissolved. Their next meeting will be on May 19th at 1:00 p.m. Nolte will be meeting with the Wheels of Thunder group on Saturday and he expects them at the council meeting on May 17th as well.
Pending Business-Nothing at this time.
Adjournment- Motion by Shelhart to adjourn, second Fearer. All present in favor, motion carried. 9:20 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted
Estelle Mead, Clerk

Trees For Sale

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Beautiful Spruce- Blue, White and Norway spruce.

Concolor and Fraser Firs.


American Tree, 517 W. Main in Stockbridge.

Lee Road Gunplay

Jackson Sheriffs logoCar
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Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a 911 call of shots fired early Friday morning,  May 13, 2011.  Deputies were dispatched to an address on Grey Tower Road, Grass Lake Township to investigate.  Read More

Women’s Retreat Funded for Cancer Survivors

White Pine branch by Marissa Swartz
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Grass Lake Sanctuary recently became the recipient of the 2011 Susan G Komen for the Cure grant for the Mid-Michigan region.

The non-profit organization, GLS, will receive $39,810 to serve 80 women who are survivors of breast cancer.  This will benefit those between the ages of 30 to 65 years.  They will participate in the Women Wellness Retreats, a 3-day stay on a 145-acre nature preserve and retreat center in Manchester, Michigan, said Tom Egan, executive director of Grass Lake Sanctuary. Read More

Farmers Market Moves to Fair Grounds

Bench over Grass by Marissa Swartz
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As you may know by now, Chelsea Hospital is in a big construction phase.  This has made parking at the hospital tight.  So -The WEDNESDAY BUSHEL BASKET FARMERS’ MARKET WILL BE AT THE CHELSEA COMMUNITY FAIR GROUNDS  – for the 2011 season.

Market Master, Joan Lutchka, states that the days and hours are the same – every Wednesday 2:30 – 6pm, May – October.

All the same vendors are there from the hospital plus a few new ones.  We are proud to add fresh local KITA’S HUMMUS to our already outstanding line-up of vendors.

This is a local producers market, that means if you sell at the market, you are from the Chelsea area and grow or make what you sell. Stop and see us for all your vegetable, bread and other baked goods, plants- annual and perennial, honey, Maple Syrup and craft needs.

Plenty of close parking available.

News from David Lutchka, our County Commissioner

Lawn tractor red wagon by Marissa Swartz
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From David Lutchka, Jackson County Commissioner

Fun stuff first.  The peregrine falcons have nested again this year and have three young.  They are being followed on line by groups from Chicago, Indianapolis, several in Ohio, the state DNR as well as some international folks.  The falcons can be viewed on the county web site via web cam live.

We planned to have the 2012 county budget adopted June 2011.  We have had some problems with one of the computer modules and it may not be completed until July.  This is still well ahead of the beginning of the 2012 fiscal year.  The tax rate for this budget is the same as it has been for the past several years.

We planned on having the county service floor, #2, in the tower building occupied by the County Treasurer, Register of Deeds and Equalization departments by May 1. Just like with all good plans some things go wrong.  We received the wrong carpet and one of the controls for the lights was not working.  We hope to have the floor functioning by June 1.

The County Register of Deeds is retiring at the end of this term.  This will give the county an opportunity to combine two elected positions without a battle between to sitting elected officials.  State law requires two public hearings to discuss this issue.  The first public hearing is May 17, 2011 during our regular commission meeting at 7:00 pm.  The second is June 10, 2011 at 7:30 am in the commission chambers.

The law allows the positions of County Clerk and Register of Deeds to be combined into a Clerk/ Register position.  After the public hearings the Board of Commissioners will decide whether to combine the positions or not.

Every ten years following the U. S. Census the county and state go through redistricting process to determine voting districts, based on population, for their representatives. The county reapportionment committee met during April.  They decided that 12 county commissioners was not the right number for the next ten years.  Starting with the next elections in 2012 the county will have 9 county commissioners.  District two that currently includes all of Henrietta, Grass Lake, Waterloo and a very small portion of Leoni townships has been changed.  The new district two will include all of Henrietta, Grass Lake and Waterloo townships. It will also include all of Leoni township north of I-94 and almost all of Leoni east of a line from Noon Rd. to Whipple.

Gas prices are going out of sight and I can’t help you there other then to offer a good vacation idea.  Go to the Jackson County Fair everyday August 7 -13.  Following is a list of some of the happenings.  Monday is senior day and Elvis will be there.  Monday night is Jefferson Starship and another hall of fame rocker.  Tuesday is Willy Nelson.  Wednesday is the Quad Runners.  Friday is Monster trucks.  Saturday is Euro demolition derby.  Pay one price day for rides will be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with Saturday a dollar ride day.  I will keep you informed as other things are finalized.