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February, 2011


Grass Lake Artist’s Work Goes Nationwide

Ben Schmidt designed and did the graphics for the CD cover and insert for the debut album Evil Is Crowned by Misery.
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Ben Schmidt designed and did the graphics for the CD cover and insert for the debut album Evil Is Crowned by Misery.

Photo/story by Alex Weddon

“I was doing some design work for the website of the rock band Misery when their management, MegaForce Records, asked if I could mock up an album cover for their first album. The first cover is critical, people do judge the album by its cover,” he said on February 16, the day after the CD “dropped” or was released around the country.

“They used it, and now it looks like I may be getting more work from them,” said Schmidt from his graphics and design business in downtown Grass lake.

Three Warrior Wrestlers On to State Finals

Grass Lake Warrior Corey Decker
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Grass Lake teammates Jake Pondell (left) and Justin Hager

Grass Lake teammates Jake Pondell (left) and Justin Hager battled during an early round of the Division 4 regional wrestling tournament at Manchester High School. Hager won the match and eventually took fourth place in the 140 lb. weight class to advance to the Michigan High School Athletic Association state finals. Two of the Grass Lake State Qualifiers are brothers, Corey Decker and Chad Decker.   Corey Decker and Justin Hagar, are Juniors at Grass Lake High School.  Corey Decker, currently ranked 3rd in the state in his weight class in Division 4, placed second,  Justin Hagar placed fourth and  Chad Decker, a Freshman, placed 4th at the match.  It is very difficult for a Freshman to qualify for the State Finals and Grass Lake has not has a Freshman State Qualifier in well over 10 years.

Grass Lake Warrior Corey Decker

Corey Decker (above) of Grass Lake finished second at the MHSAA individual regional wrestling tournament at 135 lbs. to qualify for the state meet.

Photos by Jeff Steers/

Government Cuts Coming

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by Alex Weddon, Editor

Improving the efficiency of government was the message State Representative Mike Shirkey,  52nd district, brought to Ryan’s Restaurant in Grass Lake on Presidents Day, Monday, a holiday from work for some.

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Canine Gets Silver Fang

Molly and her new crown
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Dr. Ruth Barthel performs a little doggy dental work.

Border Collies are a beautiful breed of dog, and very competitive.  Catching and retrieving a flying Frisbee brings out their best. Now a Grass Lake Border Collie named Molly can show her talent and flash some bling to accentuate her style.

The 4-year-old athlete has a silver fang on her most prominent of teeth. Her enthusiasm for the flying discs caused excess wear on her canine tooth to the point of needing repair. Dr. Ruth Barthel, of the Grass Lake Animal Hospital, cleaned up Molly’s tooth and put on a filling. Dr. Ruth is one of only a few veterinarians that specialize in animal dentistry.  The doctor was hoping the filling was all the dental work needed. Molly went back to catching and playing until the filling came out. The tooth was just not a good candidate for fillings.  A crown would most likely be the best repair, but could it be done?

Dr. Ruth called Grass Lake’s own dental laboratory, Mark Burnett’s Centennial Dental Lab, located by the stoplight in Grass Lake. He agreed to give it a try.

“Dr. Ruth made these very nice impressions, and we used them to come up with a silver composite crown,” informed Burnett as he held up the casting of Molly’s upper palate. The model of fangs and v-shaped teeth didn’t look like the many other choppers lined up on his laboratory bench.

“As with any crown, we could have used gold, silver or made a porcelain crown. In this case, silver was the best choice,” capped Burnett.

Molly is a young Border Collie who lives in Plymouth, MI.  While playing ball in January, she chipped her tooth developing cold sensitivity to water and snow.  Her owner is a vet who noticed that the broken tooth could be corrected.  Having attended a training course with Dr. Ruth, the family contacted her to discuss repair options.

Molly and her new crown

Molly has returned back to her old ways of chasing balls, and placing her head full in the snow while playing.

Chelsea Chamber Business Awards

Ben Schmidt designed and did the graphics for the CD cover and insert for the debut album Evil Is Crowned by Misery.
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Chelsea Chamber Executive Bob Pierce has a laugh with Grass Lake businessowner Mary Dingelday

State Representative Mark Ouimet congratulates Cleary’s Pub owners (left to right) Meg Boomer, Pat Cleary and Joan Henry

The Chelsea Chamber of Commerce held its annual Business Awards banquet on Thursday, February 17, 2011 at the Chelsea Comfort Inn Village Conference Center.

From left, Jennifer and Phil Tolliver accepting award from Chelsea mayor, Jason Lindauer

Winner in the small business category was True North Jerky, owned by Phil and Jennifer Tolliver. “Phil is one of the busiest people I know, always on the move, full of ideas and energy,” said master of ceremonies Michael Jackson, owner of Vogels and Fosters clothing emporium.

“Jennifer is a great business partner, without her, we couldn’t have been this successful,” complimented Phil in his acceptance speech.

Chelsea Chamber Executive Bob Pierce has a laugh with Grass Lake businessowner Mary Dingelday

Bereavement Class

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Community Connections for Hope & Healing is a grief support and education program provided to our community by Sherwood Funeral Home in collaboration with the Federated Church of Grass Lake.

“Healing Our Grief – How Can I Help & What Will Help Me?”
Saturday, March 12   9:00am-12noon, Class will be held at the
Federated Church of Grass Lake 519 E. Michigan Ave., Grass Lake

Cost for materials:  $15, Leader:  Pastor Chuck McNeil
Components include:
Basic Definitions of Grief & Mourning
2 Things we cannot do for those in grief
What we can do:  11 Principles of Companioning the Bereaved
10 Misconceptions about Grief & Mourning
Realistic Expectations for Grief & Mourning
6 Needs of Mourning
Reflections: what has been helpful to you?
What has not been helpful to you?
The Rule of Thirds
Mourner’s Bill of Rights
Self Care Guidelines
Develop your own care creed
Introduction to CCHH Grief Group Process
Time for Questions and Answers
Resources Supplied:
‘Understanding Your Grief’ book
The Mourner’s Bill of Rights wallet card
The Bereavement Caregiver’s Self-Care Manifesto wallet card
Catalog for Grief Resources

Pre-registration for the class will be helpful so we can have materials prepared. To register please call Chris Sherwood (517-522-3000) or Chuck McNeil (517-522-8335) or email us at:

“We seek to companion with you through your journey of grief.”

Christopher Sherwood, Sherwood Funeral Home  and  Rev. Chuck McNeil, Bereavement Coordinator

Register for the Spring Business Expo (March 19-20)

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The link to register for the 2011 Grass Lake Chamber of Commerce Spring Business Expo is below. Copy and paste to your browser.