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I’m concerned about election

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Dear Editor,

As a young professional, I am concerned for what the nationally recognized 7th Congressional race  could mean for my future. We, as the next generation of leaders, need a Congressman who will have our best interests at heart while in Washington, and I believe that is Tim Walberg.

It is rare that my generation thinks critically about political candidates. While Congressman Schauer is trying to present himself as a conservative in this election cycle, his voting record displays the truth. He has voted with his party 95% of the time. He is willing to air a deceptive ad stating that he voted against the “Wall Street Bailout.”  But how could he vote against it in 2008 when he was not sworn into office until 2009?

I encourage everyone in the district to be a critical participant in the election. Do not take statements made by candidates at face value, do the research yourself. It is about time we demand the best for our country: leaders of integrity like Tim Walberg.

Sincerely, Natalie Van Dorin, Jackson

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