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Thief Now Guest of State

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Mark Bass wanted to get out of Michigan. The 40-year-old Grass Lake resident was calling it quits after years of not quite making it mixed with some jail time. Bass planned to go to Nevada to be with his son and a fresh start. All he needed was one more score and he was on his way.
Shortly after midnight on Saturday, October 16, 2010 he broke into the Hard Knock Grille on Ann Arbor Road in Jackson’s east side. He heard the front door open and bolted outside and into the parking lot. One of the restaurant’s owner’s was checking the place and saw him running from the building. She drove after him and caught up to his waiting car and slammed into it. Bass jumped into his damaged getaway car and shot away towards Grass Lake. The owner had called the law and soon they were on his tail, sirens wailing. He sped through downtown Grass Lake, careened up Burtch Road and then back into town, heading pell-mell to his apartment. The well co-ordinated Sheriff’s deputies were waiting and made the arrest and recovered the stolen property.

Mark Bass wanted out of Michigan, now he could be staying a long time

The repeat offender is on his way now to a stretch in a Michigan prison. Breaking and entering, fleeing and eluding, possession of stolen property, possession of burglar’s tool, suspended drivers license.

He plans on defending himself in court.

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