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July, 2010


Pipe Beater At Large

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Waterloo Police responded Monday, July 12 at 9 pm to a  call reporting a possible murder in progress on Glenn Road. The caller heard screams and threats coming from the house next door.

When police arrived, they found that a Hispanic male suspect had fled the scene and the victims, a boyfriend and his girlfriend, had been rushed to the hospital for treatment of their injuries.

When the lawmen arrived at Allegiance Hospital in Jackson they determined that the woman had been struck in the head with a steel pipe a couple of times by her sister’s infuriated boyfriend.

While the female victim was being bashed  with the pipe, her boyfriend jumped to her defense, distracted the attacker and then became the target of the enraged suspect, getting hit   with the deadly steel pipe.

The suspect, a former resident of the Michigan Department of Corrections, fled the scene and is hiding in Jackson.

Waterloo Police obtained a two count warrant for Allen Wayne Wilson III also known as Allen Wayne Garcia, for Assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder and Felonious assault.

Allen W. Wilson AKA Allen W. Garcia

Wilson, 5’ 11”, 185 lbs, has numerous tatoos on both arms, his back and with the names Jazzman and Areana on the back of his neck.  He has served time for assault with a dangerous weapon and is considered dangerous, if seen, do not approach and call 911 immediatley.

Quiet Church Luncheon Followed by Freak Ride

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Waterloo Police responded to a bizarre traffic crash on Main St. in Munith on Thursday, July 15.

A 95-year-old driver of a white Dodge four door had just left a monthly church luncheon on the corner of 7th Street in downtown Munith when, for an undetermined reason, he accelerated rapidly through the intersection, tires spinning and squealing.

The car plowed through the front yard of a home diagonally across from the church, knocked down a bird feeder and then rammed into the back of a full-sized Ford pickup truck parked in front of the garage.

The impact was so severe, the truck was pushed through the closed garage door and halfway into the garage where the stunned son of the homeowner was doing some woodworking.

The Dodge then ricocheted off to the left again and blasted across Main Street, careening  between a tree and a telephone pole into a yard across the street and finally coming to a halt in the backyard at 314 N. Main Street.

The visibly shaken driver, Elmer Lytle of Munith, was taken by family to the Chelsea Community Hospital for a thorough exam.

Police interviewed Lytle at the hospital where he said that he had no idea of what had happened. Police took no enforcement action.

Ag Business Growing With Minimal State Aid

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A new agriculture report from a state House Republican task force reaffirms that with a little help from state government Michigan’s vibrant agriculture industry can continue to prosper and create new jobs.

On Tuesday, the House Republican Strategic Task Force on Agriculture released a 23-page report which recommends legislative initiatives and policy changes designed to advance Michigan’s diverse $71.3 billion agriculture industry and grow jobs.

One recommendation calls for expanding Michigan’s in-state food processing sector by making more Agricultural Renaissance Zone tax-breaks available to food processors.

Currently, less than half – only about 43 percent – of the agricultural commodities produced in Michigan are processed in-state. The task force proposes boosting this percentage to 75 percent within 10 years.

The report taps into additional agricultural sectors that are viable and prime for state refinements, including horse racing and timber harvest. Currently, Michigan harvests less timber than what’s available from annual new forest growth. This includes new forest growth on the 21 percent of Michigan forestland owned by the state.


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Grass Lake Charter Township
373 Lakeside Drive, Grass Lake, Michigan  49240
(517) 522-8464

July 13, 2010
Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m.  Board Members Hart, Loveland, Clark, Stormont, Lesinski, Bray present.  Absent:  Adams, Jr.

Items approved:
1. Agenda with Additions
2. Minutes of June regular meeting, work session and special meeting
3. Accounts Payable – Including Payroll
4. Treasurers Report
5. I.T. Right Technology Service
6. Whistlestop Park/Grass Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce Lease
7. Fire Department report for June 2010
Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.
Prepared by Clerk Marjorie Clark.  Approved by Supervisor James Stormont
Copies of unapproved meeting minutes are available upon request from the Township Clerk and are on the website.

Gut Shot Woman Questioned

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Waterloo Police are investigating a shooting that happened Sunday, July 18, 2010 at a home in the 8300 block of Clear Lake Road.
After getting a call from Chelsea Community Hospital, Officer’s learned from the attending physician that the victim, a 43-year-old married woman, had been shot in the abdomen. At the time, she was being prepped for transport to the U of M Medical Center for emergency surgery and was not available for questioning until she recovered from the operation.

Police were able to determine that her husband had some sort of altercation with her prior to the shooting.


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President Rodney V. Walz called the regular meeting of the Village Council to order at 7:30 p.m. Members present Sherwood, D. DeBoe, R. Walz, Shelhart, J. DeBoe and Leitert. Also present Bob Dunham. Public present Rich Rabeler, Ed Eisner, Esther Fearer, Daphne McClelland, Christina Breed, Jacob and Carl Leitert, Rick Mead and Shannon Maynard.
Pledge by All
Agenda- Sherwood asked that signs be added to Old Business. Motion by Shelhart to adopt the agenda with one addition, second Sherwood. All in favor, motion carried.
Minutes- Clerk read the minutes of the June 15, 2010 regular meeting. Discussion with many changes. Motion by D. DeBoe to accept the minutes of the regular meeting as changed, second Sherwood. All in favor, motion carried.
Bills- Clerk presented the bills for the month of July. Discussion. Motion by Shelhart to pay the bills of $32,469.80 and the Consumers Energy bills when received, second D. DeBoe. All in favor, motion carried.
Maintenance- Dunham noted that the water readings were all done, several readings were very high due to irrigation, no other problems at this time.
Public: Ed Eisner was present to let council know he is having neighbor problems, R. Walz will check into.
Correspondence-R. Walz received notice of the upcoming Chamber after hours to be held on July 8 at the new Affordable Design Solutions business. Info on the MML convention Sept 21-24 in Dearborn. Jackson District library newsletter. Clerk received two notices of projects from Region 2, one is for home repair or rehabilitation to homes in Jackson County, the other is for a high efficiency system for grain drying.
Committee Reports: Nothing at this time.
Village Managers Report- Nolte is on vacation.
Old Business.
Traffic Jamm’in-Chamber of Commerce is asking for permission to close Michigan Ave on July 30, 2010 for the Traffic Jamm’in. They will be seeking a license for a beer tent, supplying security and additional insurance as well. Even though council has been aware of the event, no formal motion had been made. Motion by D. DeBoe to close Michigan Ave on July 30, 2010 for the Traffic Jamm’in and support the events as described, second Leitert. All in favor, motion carried.
Vacant Council Seat- Discussion of the vacant seat on council. In the past council has appointed the person who at the last election had received the next highest amount of votes. At the election in Nov. 2008, Esther Fearer had 39 votes and Daphne McClelland had received 34 votes. R. Walz noted that it was nice to have so many willing to serve our community. Motion by Sherwood to appoint Esther Fearer to the vacant council seat until the November general election, second J. DeBoe. All in favor, motion carried. Clerk swore the new member in and she took her seat.
Signs-Sherwood would like to ask Guy Mattinson to move his sign that is on the fence at the county park to the concession stand. She is concerned that one sign will lead to many signs. Discussion of whether the county parks would have to be contacted. Council feels that Mr. Mattinson would be willing to move it if asked. Mr. Fearer will be asked to request that the sign be moved. R. Walz had some questions regarding council’s action at the June 15 meeting regarding a temporary sign on Simpson St. Council gave permission for the sign but no application or fee had been collected. Discussion. Motion by J. DeBoe directing the clerk to send Mr. & Mrs. Buchler a letter asking them to remove the real estate sign on Simpson St until the permit application, fee and the letter from the property owner that Mrs. Buchler had agreed upon supplying has been received, second Sherwood. All in favor, motion carried.
New Business
Boat Race Banners- Nolte wanted to make sure the boat race banners would be okay to put up. Leitert and Shelhart had no problems with the banners, D. DeBoe doesn’t necessarily want all requests to be put to the council, just when requested, signs be removed. Motion by Leitert to allow the boat race banners, second Shelhart. All in favor, motion carried.
Pending Business-Nothing at this time.
Adjournment- Motion by Sherwood to adjourn, second D. DeBoe. All in favor, motion carried. 8:27 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted
Estelle Mead, Clerk

Sun Burned Earth?

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If forecasters are correct, the current eleven year solar activity cycle will peak during the years around 2013. And while it probably won’t be the biggest peak on record, human society has never been more vulnerable. An 1859 solar storm electrified transmission cables, set fires in telegraph offices, and produced Northern Lights so bright that people could read newspapers by their glow

The National Academy of Sciences warned that a century-class solar storm would send damaging levels  electromagnetic energy into our atomosphere that  could overload circuits, burn out sensitive and unprotected transistors and cause hundreds of billions in economic damage that would take five to ten years to repair.