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June, 2010


Neighbor Nabbed Hiding Hot Weed

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When opportunity knocks, open the door! That’s usually good advice. But when opportunity knocked at Michael L. Allen’s Stockbridge address, he should have peeked through the window and then not answered the door.

The Waterloo Police believe Allen’s opportunity came on Tuesday, June 8, 2010 when he left his home, walked across the street, broke into a home, and stole a significant number of marijuana plants he found growing there.

The case became more complicated when the house broken into was in Ingham County and an Ingham County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived to take the report.

Waterloo Police teamed up with Ingham County Sheriff investigators and found that Allen was assisted in the burglary and theft by another Stockbridge man.

Police were able to reconstruct a series of events that spanned almost a week and included several attempts and entries of the home when the homeowner was gone.
Allen was arrested that night and charged with two felonies by the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office for charges related to the marijuana that was found in his home. He and his cohort also face more felonies from the Ingham County Prosecutors Office for home invasion and larceny in a building.

Allen was lodged in the Jackson County Jail and subsequently released on bond pending his preliminary exam.

information provided by Waterloo Chief of Police, Tom Cottrell

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